HFTrading Review: An In-depth Analysis of the CFDs Broker

Both new and experienced traders have a common wish, which is, to find a brokerage platform that gives easy access to the global financial market and offers the best suite of tools and services.

But, there are many problems when it comes to picking the right broker. 

For instance, traders or investors who hold assets in different markets such as currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and indices, may find it hard to choose a brokerage platform that offers exposure to these diverse markets.

Also, most traders also crave a brokerage platform that makes it easy to make deposits and withdrawals. Unfortunately, most platforms only offer easy deposits while making the withdrawal of funds very hard. 

All these problems, including regulatory issues, are what HFTrading, a regulated CFDs broker intends to solve for its customers which primarily include residents of New Zealand and Australia.

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at what CFDs are, and the features of the HFTrading platform. 

Contract-for-Differences {CFDs}

Contract-for-difference {CFDs} are derivative products that allow investors to predict the next movement of the price of an asset over a specific period, without really owning the underlying asset.

An investor is bound to make a profit when trading CFDs if the price of the asset does what has been predicted. In the same way, they lose money when the price of the asset does not perform as predicted. 

The possible profits and loss margin when it comes to trading CFDs is usually high. For this reason, trading or investing in CFDs is recommended for only those who understand the risk and can afford to lose money.

With the little explanation on CFDs, we are going to review the features of HFTrading and why it is one of the best available to traders in Australia and New Zealand.

An Overview

HFTrading was established in 2019 with the primary goal of helping traders of different trading experiences and skills to trade with ease. The operating company is mainly based and regulated in New Zealand and Australia. 

HFTrading is a fast-rising brokerage platform giving clients the option to choose between more than 750 CFD instruments that span across Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, shares, metals, and indices. 

Trading on these CFDs is supported by three main types of accounts; the Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

Features Of HFTrading


The operators or HFTrading, CTRL Investments Limited is a New Zealand based company. As a result, the first regulator of HFTrading is the New Zealand Financial Market Authority {FMA}. 

Additionally, CTRL Investments Limited is registered as a foreign company in Australia and equally licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission {ASIC}. These regulatory bodies are known globally for their strict monitoring of regulated entities and their strict licensing requirements.

For instance, regulated companies like CTRL have to carry out a regular financial audit and also maintain a compensation fund for investors. Putting these into perspective suggests that users are safe when using HFTrading.

Full Access To All Financial Markets Through CFDs

Some brokerage platforms limit a trader’s opportunity to get exposure to diverse financial markets, thereby forcing them to create and manage multiple accounts with different brokers. This is not the case with HFTrading since it allows trading in all financial markets through CFDs.

These CFDs include; Forex, index, commodities, cryptocurrencies, shares, metals, and stocks.

HFTrading offers traders the following Forex CFDs; currency pairs like GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, NZD/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, and much more.

When it comes to Stocks, HFTrading offers shares from established companies like Apple, Netflix, and Adobe, and other startups.

ASX 100, DOW 100, DAX 30, S&P 500, and FTSE 100 are the indices offered by HFTrading.

HFTrading lists crypto-related CFD pairs like BTC/GBP, ETH/USD, LTC/EUR. Note that you do not need to own, mine, or store any of the cryptocurrencies that you choose to invest in. Rather you can speculate on their price action.

Commodity instruments such as Oil, Corn, Soya bean are being offered to traders as CFDs on the HFTrading platform, as well as metals, such as Gold, Silver, and Copper.

A Traders’ Level Of Experience And Skill Is No Barrier

Many intending traders are unsure of how their needs will be met when it comes to the account types a brokerage platform offers. HFTrading offers to all traders an account that will suit their needs. There is an account for new traders, experienced traders, and experts. 

There are three main types of accounts; Silver, Gold, and Platinum

Silver Account

The Silver Account is designed for traders with little or no trading experience. This account offers limited, but enough tools to its owners so that they can fully utilize market opportunities that will come their way. You can trade over 350 assets with no commissions and enjoy maximum leverage of 1:200 and spreads as low as 0.7.

Gold Account 

The Gold Account is designed for traders with higher trading experience and skill than the silver accounts. Traders with this account can trade 750 assets as the Silver account with no commissions. 

They enjoy the maximum leverage of 1:400 and spreads of 0.5 min. Also, traders with this account type enjoy hedging and swap discounts of 25%. The Gold account comes with a dedicated account manager and complete access to educational videos and webinars.

Platinum Account

The Platinum account is designed for traders who are professionals. Traders with this account trade over 750 assets with 0 commissions. They enjoy spreads of 0.3 and max leverage of 1:400. Traders with this account type also enjoy a swap discount of 50%. As a bonus,’ the Platinum account comes with free VPS. Additionally, traders with this account enjoy news, alerts, and a dedicated account manager.

Islamic Account

HFTrading provides an Islamic account for customers who wish to comply with Sharia law. This way, Muslims can trade the financial markets with confidence and without compromising their faith. 

It is also vital to note that the Islamic account type has all the primary features of other trading accounts, but only differs because there are no interests or fees on trades placed by clients who sign up for it.

Seamless Deposits And Withdrawals 

One of the things that irritate traders is being unable to make deposits and withdrawals anytime they want. As we noted earlier too, some brokerage platforms make deposits of funds so easy to withdrawals very tough. 

The same cannot be said of HFTrading as clients can fund their accounts with ease using credit or debit card, or through a mobile phone. It is exciting to note that funding of accounts is free of charge. $250 is the minimum amount that can be deposited into a  user’s account. This limit applies only to the Silver and Gold accounts.

Withdrawal can’t be more simple than the one provided by HFTrading. A user just has to find the withdrawal tab in the HFTrading client portal. A withdrawal form pops up after a user clicks on the tab, and the user is expected to fill the necessary details and choose the preferred payment method.

In line with payment options, HFTrading provides only well-tested payment options. Two flexible and easy to use e-wallet (Skrill and Neteller) are the primary payment options on the platform.

Bank transfers and credit card payments are the other payment options.

A Simple Signup Process

One of the most natural things to do on the HFTrading platform is opening an account. For intending users, opening an account is just one click away. On the homepage, there is an Open Account button. 

An application form pops up after the user clicks the Open Account button. Users are expected to fill the form with accuracy. Once the registration is done, the account will be open to getting deposits and a user can start trading.

Cross-Platform Trading

Trading is done on the HFTrading platform via the MetaTrader 4 trading platforms for web, desktop, and mobile. Before we take a look at how this will affect trading, let us take a closer look at the MetaTrader  4 trading platform.

Many traders’ achievements are all thanks to MetaTrader 4. Many more have kept using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform to chase their careers and dreams. MetaTrader 4 has bagged many awards from different parts of the world. Traders find trading with MetaTrader 4 easier because of the simple yet sophisticated interface. 

Features Of MetaTrader 4

The user interface is the most endearing thing about the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. It is so user friendly that a novice can use it. Traders can even customize MetaTrader 4 to their satisfaction. Anyone can use MetaTrader 4 trading platforms at any time on their desktops, mobile phone, and via the web. Traders are provided with three different charts for a better understanding of the charts. 

MetaTrader 4 is advanced, secure, and transparent. Before using a strategy to trade, it can be tested on MetaTrader 4. Traders are given the liberty to choose between 9 different time frames to place their trades. A vast array of indicators are provided on MetaTrader for traders to conduct thorough analysis before placing a deal.

Traders can share ideas, all thanks to the online community that has been set up on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Traders are also able to receive price alert notifications via emails, SMS, and pop-ups from the platform.

How MetaTrader 4 Affects HFTrading 

The users of the HFTrading platform can enjoy all the features on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

One-click trading options and multiple order systems are enjoyed traders who are using a desktop. Additionally, a variety of technical trading indicators and real-time price quotes on different asset classes are included in the provision given to desktop users.

Real-time price quotes and trading history can be viewed by traders who trade using the web.

One-click options and 30 built-in technical indicators are also some of the benefits web users get.

Traders who trade with their mobile phones seem like the top gainers. They can buy anytime and anywhere. These traders can also choose from the different asset classes and use the varieties of technical indicators to conduct a thorough analysis. 

HFTrading Customer Support Desk

Traders are tired of contacting their broker’s support desk and not getting a reply from them. Conversely, HFTrading has one of the best support desks. This support runs 24 hours daily and five days weekly, accessible via the website’s LiveChat, email, and telephone.

For more complex situations, clients can fill a complaint form and forward it to the broker’s office. After the support desk investigates the complaint, the trader will be contacted on or before 45 days with substantial feedback.

Lastly, if a trader’s complaint is not resolved the way they want, the trader can readily contact the regulators.

Educational Feature

The educational features of HFTrading are one of the best available. The fact that an intending user has no experience is no excuse for not trading. 

Such traders are provided educational content that borders on pips, trading rules, emotional management, market chances and risks, technical analysis, and many more.

Demo Account 

A demo account is a simulator where beginners can practice what they’ve learned. It is the perfect playground for them to perfect their trading skills. The HFTrading demo trading account comes with virtual money, so a trader does not need to risk his funds to improve the trading skills.

Countries That Supports HFTrading

Currently, there are only two countries that support the HFTrading platform. This means that people who are not residents of these countries cannot access the HFTrading platform. These countries are; New Zealand and Australia.


As we’ve covered in this review, the main features of HFTrading are enticing, making it a viable option for traders who reside in Australia or New Zealand. 

The brokerage platform is regulated, has exceptional educational content, a reliable support desk, and flexible deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, account types and functions support the need for all calibers of traders looking for a reliable broker in New Zealand or Australia.

However, we still leave it to you to decide whether or not to use this broker, although its services are highly recommended.