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Crypto trading platform eToro has released a new tongue-in-cheek investment advert that has actor Kristian Nairn from Game of Thrones telling investors to ‘hodl’.

Hodor Says ‘Hodl’

Kristian Nairn, also known as Hodor in Game of Thrones, can only say Hodor. It makes sense then that he would be used in eToro’s new advert advising investors to hodl their assets.

The ad is simple enough. It shows Nairn in an agent’s office, with the agent offering various new roles, all of which involve Nairn carrying something heavy and saying the one word he’s known for: Hodor.

Fed up, Nairn shouts:

Enough! I’ve had it. […] No more carrying. No more saying THAT word ever again. I’m a serious actor. I have depth. Why can’t you get me something with like an office. With a tie for example?

Cue a scene cut and we see Nairn holding the doors of a lift open. Behind him are various people crying out that the crypto market is crashing and that Bitcoin is a bubble. All the while Nairn, dressed in a suit with his requested tie, resignedly says “HODL, HODL, HODL.”

It’s short, but it’s also effective, and more importantly, it shows that adverts can still be fun. The advert does come with a disclaimer at the end saying that “HODL is not investment advice. Your capital is at risk.”

Institutions to Drive Market?

The crypto market remains an attractive environment for many investors. Last December, during the market bull run Bitcoin rose to within touching distance of $20,000 for the first time. Ether’s price increased to nearly $1,400, whereas Litecoin jumped to nearly $400.

Since then, though, the market has taken a decidedly different turn. At the time of publishing, Bitcoin is valued at $6,463, according to CoinMarketCap. Ether is priced at $203 and Litecoin is trading at $52. Many have said that a bull run is expected, but when this will take place is anyone’s guess.

With an increasing number of organizations working to attract institutional investors, this may be the drive the boosts market values.

Earlier this week Fidelity Investments announced that it is offering a crypto custody solution for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Such a move from a major asset management firm is likely to give confidence to many who are searching for a secure platform to hold their assets.

Furthermore, it may give Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Northern Trust the push they need to offer their own crypto custody solutions.

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