How AI Will Transform Social Media Marketing

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Artificial intelligence — you’ve definitely heard of it. Considering the many gates that are constantly being opened by technology’s evolution, it was only a matter of time until its influence reached social media marketing.

Even so, this field is still undergoing development, so it’s going to be a while until its effect will take place. But how exactly will AI transform social media marketing? You will find out throughout this article.

Voice Assistants

By now, voice assistants should be no stranger to you. Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa are only three of them that happened to gain a lot of popularity over the past year. They help you with app navigation, as you don’t have to type in everything you want. The voice assistant will receive the message and do what you’ve asked for.

With artificial intelligence, though, searching for information will become much easier, and it will be great for social media marketing. Basically, it will totally change the way Google and its counterparts operate and how we search the information. These changes will be taken into consideration by SEO.

In other words, rather than focusing solely on typing down words, businesses will have the option to implement voice assistants, improving the customer experience as a result.


You may be used to struggling to create the best Instagram bio to attract customers on a certain platform, but chatbots may offer a better chance for interaction in 2019.

Jogging from social media to another is annoying, particularly if you’re a big company that wants to focus on other things too. If you have a considerable audience on multiple platforms, trying to keep in touch with everyone while the spread on different social media can be an overwhelming task.

The need for a new type of communication has risen, and with chatbots, this is going to be much easier. They’re going to be a powerful tool that allows for simpler and better communication, and you can talk to the clients about products, services, consumption and more.

Analyzing Your Competitors

Keeping an eye on your competition can be very exhausting, especially given the amount of manual work you have to put in. However, AI comes as a solution to this problem, as it makes room for analysis of bigger data sets.

That being said, social media marketers will have a better time, as AI allows them to conduct analysis not only on their own pages but their competition’s as well.

Content Generation

Coming up with content might be difficult at times, and while before it wasn’t such a good idea to let machines do the job, this method has evolved quite a lot. Nowadays, it’s hard to tell the difference between a manually content and the one written by machines.

Thanks to AI, this method will generate better results, as it’s able to write news and reports based on data. It will have the ability to boost production and content marketing.

While now you have to sprinkle Instagram hashtags in order to gain some attention, artificial intelligence will change things in the future. It will have a big impact on social media marketing, so your business will have a better chance to rise.

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