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June 12th 2020

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DigiSkills Training Program is Pakistan’s first Online Training Program that offers free-of-cost training courses. The platform was created to train the youth with in-demand digital skills such as content marketing, graphic designing, Creatives and SEO, etc. 

One of the most prominent features of this entire program is the fact that the courses are readily available online and millennial’s favorite platform, Youtube. 

The courses are designed for Pakistani audiences in terms of language, to make them as personalized and direct as possible.


Currently, these are the courses that are being offered in this program:

  • Freelancing
  • E-Commerce Management
  • Creative Writing
  • Graphics Design
  • QuickBooks
  • WordPress
  • AutoCAD
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Literacy

Purpose of Chatbot:

The main purpose was to help prospective and enrolled students with the latest information, FAQs, course updates and more.

Most of the website visitors are looking for information regarding fee structure, enrollment procedure, dates, availability, etc. So the chatbot proved to be helpful in providing up- to-date information to visitors and students. 

Chatbot Flow: 

As soon as a user clicks ‘Get Started’ the chatbot welcomes and responds to student queries with detailed information. 

If need be, users can get in touch with a human support representative by clicking ‘Human Help’ in the top menu.

Also the chatbot is trained for frequently asked questions, such as admission/enrollment information and issues that may come across while enrolling for the courses.

The chatbot is capable of answering any possible FAQ a student or prospective student would want to ask. 

For example, here I tried asking the bot some common questions like fee structure and schedule of training sessions. 

Was The Chatbot of Any Help?

So far, the institute has helped more than 10k students, sent over 40k messages and saved 4+ days worth of support that they would have sent answering to these questions manually.

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Digital Marketing enthusiast, keen for SEO and PPC. Working at as #SEO Expert


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