How Does Amazon’s A9 Algorithm Work?

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The A9 Algorithm is the search engine of Amazon where the company decides how products are ranked in search results. It is similar to the platform of Google for its search. This algorithm works with keywords
and allows to rank some products over others in the ranking of Amazon search results.

Every brand must play their best cards to compete in an increasingly saturated market of products. Amazon’s A9 algorithm arises from this need.

Therefore, if you sell or are going to sell products in the marketplace of the eCommerce giant, you will have to know how it works and how to get the most out of it. As a result, you can only stand out against other sellers and increase your sales.

What Is the Amazon A9 Algorithm Based On?

Amazon’s A9 algorithm has a clear function. To classify the product, it shows to any user when he searches through the platform. This is something important for any marketplace vendor. Why? Because the higher your products appear in the Amazon ranking, the more chances you have to sell and be known. If we talk about data, it is estimated that up to 35% of Amazon users click on the first product that appears on the search results page. 81% of the clicks they make are on the brands that appear on the first page of results.

So, what do you have to do for Amazon to put you in the top ranks? The algorithm works based on these aspects:

1. Sales ranking:

The higher the number of sales depends the better rank on the search results page.

2. Conversion rate

Amazon’s ranks are well those products with a good conversion rate. That is a good percentage of customers who perform an action (a purchase, a registration, etc.).

3. Price

The price of your products also influences the ranking. Amazon values ​​the
cheapest or most competitive prices within the same category.    

4. User residence time

Amazon values ​​the time and each user spend on your page. It is more likely that a person who looks at the different variants of the product or stops at it, ends up buying it. Someone who only stays a few seconds on your page, no.

5. Stock and order processing speed

If a seller runs out of stock for a while, Amazon will identify it as bad
management by the brand and seller, and will rate it negatively. Similarly, an order is handled later, the final ranking in the marketplace will be the worst.

6. Keywords

Keywords are very important to sustain rank of your products. You will have much greater visibility using those keywords that best define you, with a higher percentage of searches on the platform by consumers.

Ranking as per to Amazon’s algorithm

This example is illustrative. If we look for “smart watch” we see that the YAMAY clock is in first place. Why? because it is number one in sales, it has a good price, a lot of reviews and positive ratings, and a good product listing. In the second case, the GOKOO watch, everything works but the price is higher and the number of reviews noticeably is lower.

Tips to Improve ranking in Amazon

To improve Amazon SEO for 2020, keep these tips in mind:

  • Work titles and descriptions. The main characteristics of the product that Amazon has stipulated for it. In addition, it is essential to use your keywords in them.
  • Use bullet points to highlight those key features or benefits of your products.
  • Include good photos, both for SEO topics to m ake your product description more attractive.

Answer all the questions that consumers ask you. This will help you get positive reviews. So, it is necessary for Amazon’s algorithm to value it positively.

It includes some discounts. This encourages users to click on your products. We already know that the more visits and more time within your product pages, it will bring the better ranking.

It also favors sales, another aspect that the algorithm has very present.

Compare prices. We have already told you that the price is another factor that A9 takes into account while ranking products in the Amazon ranking. Compare prices, calculate your profit margin and bet on a global price as competitive as possible within your category.

In general, if you take into account all these factors you will improve SEO and go up ranking. SEO trends for 2020 will be helpful for you to rank your products not only Amazon but also Google. Also increase your sales and play in your favor to appear in the top of the Amazon search results. As an additional trick, you can always use the platform’s sponsored campaigns to promote some of your products and generate more user traffic.

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