How Does Restaurant Mobile App Drive Your Food Business?

Almost three billion people are expected to use smartphones worldwide till 2020. This Statista estimate is sufficient to get an idea about the importance of mobile apps. To capitalize on the ever-increasing number of smartphone users, businesses across various sectors jump on the mobile app bandwagon and hotel or hospitality sector is no exception. Restaurant apps like Zomato, Foursquare, Swiggy, and Yelp have set new milestones of popularity and revenue. For example, a mobile app is responsible for 16 percent of total transactions of Starbucks.

Be it a coupon app, restaurant wait time app, restaurant rating app, or on demand food ordering app- various types of restaurant mobile apps gain ground because of user-friendliness and convenience they offer to both existing and new customers. If you are a restaurant owner, a feature-rich mobile app can offer a plethora of benefits and helps you expand your business.

Related Reading- , the mobile app developers can help you making a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as per your restaurant business requirements. For example, if you run a fast food chain, then you do not need the table booking feature, whereas, if you own a restaurant with casual dining, your app must have this feature.

Usually, a mobile apps company charges on hourly basis for app development. If you have a food chain or a restaurant business in UAE, the US or Canada, you can get the best deal in India as the development cost is much lower in India as compared to the developed countries. When the US or Europe-based developers take $100 to $250 an hour, their Indian counterparts take just $20 to $80 per hour. Though Eastern Europe-based developers are cheaper as compared to the American and other European developers as they charge between $50 to $150 per hour for developing a restaurant or food ordering app.

If we consider these rates, we can state that if you get an app with all the desired features at $24,000 in the US, you can get it at $16,000 in the Eastern Europe and at $8,000 in India.

Concluding Lines

A restaurant app with cool features can significantly boost your revenue by attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones. You can cope with intensifying competition in the hotel or hospitality sector with an up and running mobile app.

However, as a restaurant owner, you need to avoid these primary mistakes in the hustle and bustle of developing a restaurant mobile application. You can consult a reliable mobile application development company anytime to get their valuable inputs on developing a customized restaurant mobile app that works best for your business.

Solution Analysts has gained fame as a leading restaurant app development company as we have accomplished several restaurant app projects for the global clientele. Wine n dine and I know the Chef are a few notable examples of our restaurant mobile apps.

Our expert business consultants and experienced mobile app developers will guide you about how to make a food ordering app or any other app related to your business needs. Let us join hands to make an awesome app for your restaurant and expand your reach among foodies!

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