How Fast Can You Learn React? – Hacker Noon


Say what?!? Yeah, so it turns out you can’t exactly write a React application if you don’t know ES6. OK, you can if you’re for some reason a masochistic nomad, who enjoys the pain of writing thousands of extra lines and reinventing the wheel in every function, so yes, technically ES5 is doable, but a terrible idea. Sort of like lighting a fire cracker then sitting on it. It’s gonna do some damage alright!

So why ES6 and what the heck is ES6? Well, long story short, dumbed down, and made painfully obvious as to why you’d want to use it — it’s basically a newer version of JavaScript that allows you to write better code faster, makes your application more robust and easier to test. If that’s not enough — and you guessed it, it’s not — read this book (ES6 and Beyond) or do this course (ES6 for Everyone) and you’ll become just as enlightened as I became. Wait what? I need to learn some more you say? But … wasn’t React supposed to be just HTML type stuff?

Well, someone someone may have altered the truth slightly. Or maybe not so slightly. OK, you know what? You’ve been lied to. By your parents feeding you mushy peas, by your teacher telling you you’re special while you probably were just as average a kid as everyone else, by your first love telling you they’d never ever leave you, by Teresa May promising some utopian Brexit, by Trump telling you he’d build a wall for you to climb on the weekends, by your waiter telling you the salmon is fresh and overzealous coders and not so coders who like React.

But you know what? I can’t blame them entirely. It’s hard to sell a library or a framework by telling people it takes at least a good couple of months to get comfortable in it. To make use of the amazing benefits of modern frameworks like React, Angular or Vue, you need to need to know how to program, you need to have a serious dedicated go at it. It’s not something you learn overnight, and there are plenty of dependencies that these build on in terms of expertise and programming experience.

So no, you won’t learn React in 5, 8 or 10 minutes. Not by a long-shot. It takes a weekend just to familiarise yourself with the main concepts of the library. Then you’ll have a go at it and build something on your own peeking back at code you wrote during a tutorial or course. You’ll quickly realise your needs have gone beyond what the course taught, so you’ll google, you’ll read the docs and you’ll make mistakes. You’ll swear, and you’ll learn. In time. Every day a little bit more, and maybe, just maybe a couple years down the line you’ll be confident to say “yeah, I really know this stuff”.

I tried to be fair in this article just like you should be to yourself. There is no point thinking you’re some Flash type untouchable superhero and trust me, even he would need more than 5 minutes to learn React. OK, maybe he doesn’t, but he’s also not real, so there’s that… 😉

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