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Current stage

This is not a linear process, so we still stuck with some documentation at previous stages. Right now we moving everything to Docusaurus.

I like that it’s a tool baked by Facebook. It’s free and open-sourced.
It builds with React so we can adjust the code if it is necessary.
Similar to Gitbook — works with Markdown. But it’s more for coders.
Or developer should set it up and the manager will just work with content.
With markdown format, you can read/view files at Github too.
It also works great with GitHub pages. You just need to deploy it on gh-pages
And you’ll have a separated URL with SEO stuff that can drive more attention to our project.



Documentation is a very important tool in the development process and you should use it as much as possible.
If you have long meetings, 1-to-1 conversations, kilometers of chats in Slack — then you need to improve it ASAP.

I still don’t feel like this is the end of our “evolution process”. A major goal will be to increase modularity and drive more attention to it. We still use it only if it necessary. Instead of “update a documentation file -> share data with team members” we are “having long conversations and then copy some of our comments into documentation for the future needs”.

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