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June 11th 2020

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Few technological innovations have delivered as many welcomed improvements to the marketplace as artificial intelligence has.

AI is now a well-recognized facet of countless marketing operations, and it’s also being put to use in countless other industries in order to streamline the industrial process or make sense of huge sums of data.

Marketing gurus may nevertheless feel somewhat overwhelmed by the topic of AI, largely because they may lack the technical expertise needed to understand exactly how it works. Nevertheless, intelligent marketers can learn how to leverage AI without becoming dedicated IT specialists.

Here’s a review of how intelligent marketers are already using AI to bolster their performances, and how you can go about joining them. 

AI produces more effective marketing

There’s no denying that artificial intelligence produces more effective marketing than ever before, yet many brands have hesitated to embrace this innovation because they fear that it will be too costly to immerse themselves into a technological world that’s largely alien to them.

AI is powered by a unique combination of machine learning algorithms and huge sums of information, but you don’t need to have a computer science degree to employ it for marketing purposes. By reviewing some examples of how marketers are already putting AI to use, you may be inspired to invest in this budding technology yourself.

According to a review of eight different ways that modern marketers are already using AI, some of the most effective tactics include enlisting the help of AI to master programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising, or the process whereby you can rely on an auction-like system to immediately purchase valuable ad space the very minute it becomes available, is becoming increasingly automated. Indeed, the marketing world of tomorrow may see humans entirely removed from the programmatic advertising process as these AI programs become better and better at handling things with minimal oversight. 

Companies which have historically struggled to secure lucrative advertising spaces may now find it easier to do so with the help of a solid AI. Investing in AI will also help marketers personalize advertisements like never before, as these clever machines can determine consumer preferences far easier than a human can, before matching advertisements to those preferences to maximize the effect of the marketing effort. When eCommerce shoppers of tomorrow type in “Legos,” “Botox,” “Movies,” or other queries to find nearby options, AI programs will direct them towards the best option. 

Artificial intelligence will also prove to be immensely helpful when it comes to determining the advertising budgets of tomorrow. 

AI is reshaping the budgeting process

Many companies have already enlisted the help of AI to ensure that they’re making sound budgetary decisions. In this day and age, that’s of immense importance, especially since advertising spending is plummeting now that social distancing measures have radically reshaped consumer shopping patterns overnight.

According to a recent report from Forbes, AI in marketing has already proved itself to be an immense boon insofar as budgeting is concerned. Some ninety percent of marketing operations have already employed some form of AI, per a survey by BCG. 
Marketing agencies will likely keep investing money into AI analytics for a few more years, at the very least. Certain marketing startups, like the company Plannuh, have already raised millions of dollars by promising investors that this technology stands to reshape the future of the industry.

As predictive analytics become better and better at foreseeing consumer trends well ahead of time, more startups like this will be cropping up everywhere you look. Perhaps the most important thing that AI can do when it comes to impacting the marketing industry is making personalization easier and more affordable than ever before.

Customers react to personalization – after all, who doesn’t want a customized shopping experience that helps them find the ideal products for the lowest prices? Modern websites are already employing AI to ensure that conversion rates skyrocket, and this will become a very standard practice over the new few months, let alone the next few years.

With so much business being done online in this day and age, the ability to personalize your webpage will be of the utmost importance, at least for the remainder of the pandemic. 

Intelligent marketers with an eye on the future are even using AI to manage content creation. Most marketing experts recognized long ago that content creation is the best way to earn a profit, but outsourcing this kind of work to a machine has never been possible until now.

Natural language generators, which produce content that looks as if a human created it, will become increasingly leveraged by marketing gurus as time progresses. Not everything can be managed by AI – human oversight will always prove crucial, especially when technical failures occur – but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that intelligent marketers are investing more and more money towards the in-house development of artificial intelligence. 


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