How Many Hashtags on Facebook Can You Use Conveniently?

Facebook is a social media giant with 2.41 billion monthly followers. On average, more than 1.59 billion users log in to Facebook daily. Furthermore, over 1.74 billion people use this social media platform on mobile. From the famous Hollywood celebrities to the local dancers, all types of people use Facebook to share pictures, videos, gifs, and messages.

The feature of hashtag had been introduced on Facebook in 2015, and since then, all the marketers have been utilizing this feature whenever they want to target their audience.

Hashtags work by categorizing the content into different groups so that a particular topic can be made more discoverable. Hashtags are primarily popular on Twitter and Instagram; however, with the evolving marketing needs; the Facebook algorithm has also started giving priority to the hashtags.

In this article, you will get profound insights into the usage of hashtags on Facebook. Other than that, you will also get to know what should be the optimal frequency of hashtags in your posts. Dive deep with me and explore the instrumental power of hashtags for Facebook marketing.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a combination of words that can be created by putting a hash sign before the words. A Twitter user originally created Hashtags back in 2007. Initially, hashtags were not so popular, but now, they are everywhere. Here is a list of Primary places where hashtags are used:

  1. Billboards
  2. Advertisements
  3. Political campaigns
  4. Entertainment videos
  5. Social media campaigns

As per several experiments, posts containing hashtags receive 12.6% more engagement. Besides, hashtags make your content discoverable and distinguishable for the target audience.

How to Create a Hashtag on Facebook

Creating a hashtag on Facebook is quite straightforward. Just go the content where you want to insert a hashtag. For example, you can add hashtags while uploading the pictures, videos, or stories. Just add the pound # sign before any word, and it will be converted into a hashtag.

How to Search for the Created Hashtag

You have created your hashtag, and now you want to know who else is using the same phrases, then you can do it in two ways.

  1. You can look for the related content by just clicking on the hashtag. For example, you are visiting someone’s post, and he or she has used many hashtags in the description of the post, then you can search the related content or the topic by just clicking on the hashtag.
  2. Another way to explore the hashtags is by using the Facebook search bar. When you type a phrase in the Facebook search bar, then different tabs will appear. Here click on Tags, and Facebook will show you all the topics where the relevant tag is used.

How Many Hashtags are Suitable in one Post?

The frequency of facebook hashtags in one post varies. Some users can do their job by including only one hashtag, while others have to add multiple hashtags to get their tasks accomplished. However, the general standards of using the hashtags are as follow:

  1. Experts recommend that you should only be adding 1-3 hashtags in one post.
  2. Never forget to start your hashtags with a capital letter.
  3. Try to be as concise as possible. If your hashtag contains more than 15 characters, then it would be disturbing for the audience.
  4. While using the trending hashtags, never neglect the factor of relevancy. If your hashtag is not relevant, then it would be of no use.
Surprisingly, there is a tool that gives you the hashtags after checking all the standards that I have mentioned above. You just need to write the phrase in the search box of hashtags For Likes, and you will get a plethora of hashtags that are concise, relevant, and free of spam. You can check out hashtag generator tool to get the amazing features.

Advantages of Using Hashtags on Facebook

Apart from optimizing your content for the searching engines and making it discoverable, hashtags also benefit us in many dimensions. Other key advantages of hashtags are:

  1. Hashtags boost the traffic: You can get enormous traffic for your website if you link your social media posts with your blog.
  2. Hashtags fill your pockets with cash: Social media marketers are earning thousands of dollars by putting up a right strategy of publicizing their brand.
  3. Hashtags categorize our content: Through hashtags, your content will be distributed into identifiable groups that can easily be accessed by anyone.
  4. Enhanced visibility for brands: Your brand will become visible for the advertisers and influences.

Bottom Line

Hashtags are a great invention, thanks to Twitter. Although hashtags have come late on Facebook, it does not mean that you start ignoring the potential of hashtags for Facebook marketing. You will surely get the juice out of hashtags if you employ them properly.

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