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Online gaming is a big industry, possibly one of the biggest in today’s world. The augmentation of internet activity, especially during the 2020 pandemic, encouraged the gamers to turn to this form of entertainment even more. 

One of the advantages of such popularity is innovation. Big software companies are continually looking for ways to improve the experience of the players. With variety comes improvisation – and that often includes experimentation with technology. 

Given that virtual gaming goes hand in hand with digital software, it’s not odd that new and improved tech has the power to reshape the internet gaming landscape. On the contrary – it has already changed it.

The Unbreakable Bond of Gaming and Technology

Gaming, as one of the most prominent branches of the entertainment industry, is constantly evolving. We’ve come a long way from hand-held Tetris devices and board games, that’s for sure.

The constant need for improvement – and experimentation – is one of the defining traits of the gaming industry, regardless of the branch that we are talking about. Just like video games and eSports, digital gambling has gone through various phases before reaching the level it is at right now. 

And in all likelihood, the show has barely begun. 

And just like Tetris™, which has adapted to almost all modern gaming screens, games and technology are intertwined to the point that it is impossible to think about gaming without mentioning technology. 

The New Face of Online Gaming

Over the years, computer games shot to fame due to their numerous advantages. By choosing to play video games online, a player signs up for a completely different experience than with regular games. 

And at the heart of all that lies technology. Its indefinite upgrades and updates come out nearly every single day. Various achievements in the field have brought gaming to a whole new level – quite literally – and made it easier to navigate for the average player. 

When we say easier, we mean it in a sense that most advancements serve one purpose, and that is making games more straightforward to use. Ease of use and accessibility are the peak of technological innovations for many companies invested in the field. 

Internet Banking Without Hassle

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of modern gaming is contactless banking. Now, contactless is a given as everything happens online. However, cashless banking that completes transactions in seconds saves a lot of time and energy for the players. 

Speed of transactions and efficiency are taken out of the equation, leaving players to focus on the crucial part – fun. By using the numerous E-wallets and mobile payment apps, one can pay for services with just a click, totally hassle-free.

Another financial phenomenon which changed the face of gaming is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, when it first appeared, caused a
stir amidst financial moguls. A decentralized digital currency not owned by any financial company or bank was immediately embroiled in controversy. 

However, users quickly realized the potential hidden in this cryptocurrency. Soon after, an onslaught of other currencies appeared, thus creating a trend in modern finance with Litecoin, Ethereum – and dozens of others. Today, they represent a free and safe mode of paying on the internet.

Portable Entertainment

The society is evolving along with technology, and some even say that social and technological changes are interlaced. Be that as it may, we cannot deny that devices and gadgets have taken over our daily lives.

Take computers, for example. Massive PC monitors that take up half of your room are thankfully a thing of the past. Modern devices that you can use to play games are becoming slimmer and sleeker with each new generation of technology. 

Moreover, it’s hard to find a person that doesn’t have a smartphone in his pocket. Phones have graduated from luxury to a necessity, as you are helpless in the modern world without such a device. 

As mobile devices grow in popularity, so does mobile gaming. The new-fangled form of gaming soon separated from PC games and eSports due to its advantageous nature. Taking your fun with you wherever you go? Yes, please!

Companies which produce and launch titles no longer rely on PC and similar devices. Instead, their aim is on the mobile market first – and that focus is only going to be sharpened in the future. 

Different Reality Gaming

After technical details like accessibility and ease-of-use, it’s time to focus on the experience itself. Visuals and design are important, yes, but simply sharpening the resolution does little to help in this aspect. 

That is where AR and VR come into play. 

Sophisticated technologies like AR and VR have infiltrated our daily
 and are truly making a change in the way we perceive gaming today. VR gadgets like headsets take you to places you never even imagined, let alone saw. 

One big benefit of using VR games is full immersion – you feel like you are there – which in turn, boosts your entire gaming experience. And that, after all, is the primary goal of technology in online gaming. 


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