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Good morning.

The post this time is about how much profit can we make from a SYG (Sygnia) SOP BUYBACK.

I thought I should share this information now because it’s so useful. (I’d like to make this valuable information available to a lot of people). Let’s take a look.

Let’s find out about Sygnia Cryptocurrency Exchange.

SYG Exchange is a company that oversees and manages assets on behalf of SYGNIA’s domestic and international institutional customers in South Africa and over 6,000 individual clients.

Syg Exchange has announced a new program called SOPBUYBACK to secure the Bitcoin and Ethereum of the event period for the official opening.

Let’s see what SOPBUYBACK is:

I will explain how to do a SOP BUY BACK

Deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum

1 click deposit credit address

Only Bitcoin or Ethereum may be used to deposit

First deposit credit address

● Exchange


1 Enter the quantity to exchange

2 Click Exchange

Exchange accepts only BTC, ETH, SYG.

(BTC> USDT/ETH> USDT/SYG> to USDT can be exchanged)

When you enter the number of coins to exchange, the USDT quotes at the time of the EXCHANGE will be applied

EXCHANGE 2.75% SYG (SIGNAL) of US DOLLARS will be paid.

EXCHANGE SYG (Sygnia) to USDT (Tether)

The amount deposited will be + 2.75%.

Press Exchange to go to the next page.

When you press Exchange you will see the confirm page. (The USDT price shown here )

How to withdraw

Enter the USDT wallet address to be withdrawn from and enter the USDT withdrawal amount

● SOP BUY BACK one cycle rate of return.

I made a profit of 327USDT on a deposit of 1.82754 BTC and exchanged 13,810 USD If I have a SYG, I can get a daily interest payment for the event period with POS Air Drop, but I chose to keep earning money by daily rotation

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