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The name of any new technological intervention definitely takes some time to grab the attention of people. Blockchain is one such interesting technological intervention in recent times which is basically transforming all the old ways of conducting business and transactions. Therefore, it is quite common for an individual to find search queries on how to become a certified blockchain expert. 

Understanding the importance of certification and the best practices for earning one could guide an individual towards finding long-term promises for their career in blockchain technology. Blockchain is indeed a futuristic technology, and enterprises need the assurance that an individual has the expertise required to help them with it. So, whatever your apprehensions may be, the following discussion could help you discover some interesting guidance for achieving blockchain certification.

Where to Start Your Journey to Become a Certified Blockchain Expert?

The journey of a beginner towards becoming a certified blockchain professional would definitely start with a lot of doubts. One of the foremost doubts arises with the definition and opportunities with blockchain technology. It is basically a digital, distributed ledger that serves as a database for storing records of transactions in the form of blocks arranged in a sequential chain. 

You could come across some fundamental-level introductory courses for blockchain to start your preparation for a professional blockchain certification course. On the other hand, it is also important to clear your doubts about the long-term potential of blockchain technology.

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What Do The Trends Have To Say?

Any individual would wonder about the long-term possibilities with their blockchain career. After all the hard work and time invested in becoming a certified blockchain expert, you need the assurance for a thriving career. 

As a matter of fact, the market value of the worldwide blockchain market would reach almost $4.01 billion in 2021. 

Furthermore, estimates point out that the market value would reach almost $60.2 billion by 2025 with a staggering CAGR of 97%. According to a survey by Deloitte, around 86% of business leaders perceived lucrative business potential with blockchain technology. 

In addition, the global expenses on blockchain solutions would most probably reach around $15.9 billion by 2023. 

Another important factor that might clear your doubts is the certified blockchain expert salary. The most common job role for certified blockchain experts, i.e. blockchain developers, could earn an average annual salary of $150,000. The number definitely shows a good reason to ward off doubts regarding a career in blockchain. As a matter of fact, this might serve as good motivation for trying out any blockchain professional certification exam. 

Steps to Become a Certified Blockchain Expert

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Now when you have been familiar with the growth of global blockchain market and the increasing demand for blockchain professionals, it’s time to move to the steps that you should follow to become a certified blockchain expert. Let’s dive in.

Choose a Particular Certification 

With all your doubts about a career in blockchain out of the way, you would arrive at the next trouble. Many certification providers offer reliable blockchain certifications tailored for different blockchain-based job roles. However, it is important to choose a certification that will help you earn the credential of certified blockchain expert. For example, 101 Blockchains Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP certification) could be one of the prolific choices in this case. You have to ensure that the certification,

Prepares you for addressing emerging enterprise requirements with blockchain technology

Helps you understand the business value delivered by blockchain technology to business processes

Empowers your resume with an industry-leading recognition 

Delivers necessary practical experience for catering to the requirements of real-world scenarios

Establishes solid proof of an individual’s skill and knowledge to develop enterprise blockchain solutions 

Start Your Preparation

Once you have selected the blockchain certification of your choice, you need to start preparing for the same. The first choice obviously points out the selection of an appropriate platform for online training. The best option, in this case, would be to choose a certified blockchain professional career path on a platform that offers distinct certification training courses. 

With the help of an online blockchain training course platform, you could access the specific resources for each topic in certifications. In addition, you also have the assurance of personalized support at all levels for helping with your preparation. The choice of certification with a training course could help in ensuring cost efficiency for preparation. 

Use All Available Resources

The support of an online training course is not sufficient for becoming a certified blockchain expert. You need to capitalize on as many resources as you can for ensuring that you ace your certification exam. The different resources to prepare for blockchain professional certification include whitepapers, tutorials, demo videos, and interactive exercises. Try to find out practical lab exercises for using all the concepts you have learnt in technical environments. Improve your abilities for addressing real-world use cases of blockchain technology as you would face a lot of questions like that in the exam. 

Opt for Community Support

The open-source nature of blockchain is a great reason for the prevalence of a massive community with various contributors. The blockchain certification course might give you a solid foundation, albeit to a certain extent only. There will be times when you would need something more than just the topics required for the certification exam. You might come across doubts regarding certain concepts, which can frustrate you. 

However, reaching out to blockchain communities for support could help in clarifying such doubts. The support of other candidates preparing for the role of certified blockchain professional could also help you move seamlessly along your journey. At the same time, blockchain communities are great platforms for obtaining information about new updates and changes to certification exams. 

And What Next!

The choice of certification for becoming a certified blockchain expert could be quite difficult. However, you could make the right choice by taking certain factors into account. For example, evaluate your existing skills that would fit with the blockchain landscape. The best practices for choosing a blockchain professional certification and successful preparation strategies could offer conclusive advantages. 

Most important of all, practical experience with real-world use cases along with community support could ensure prolific advantages. So, make sure that you follow the recommendations of experts, choose certifications like CEBP certification for a strong blockchain career!


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