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Don’t forget that the wallets you choose depend on the currency you want to trade. Among all, Ledger Nano S is considered the best for Ether exchange, while Coinbase is recommended for Bitcoin.

Of course, the choice of which currency to trade is subsequent to the one of which market to trade in.
You can’t trade crypto on the Forex stock exchange but the choices are still many – more than 250!

1One of the options is Binance, that ensures secure transactions and low charges. Binance presents the highest trading volume, compared to the other crypto exchange markets, and is used by over seven million traders.

2Another important crypto market is Bitfinex, which is also used by several millions of people from all over the world and it has been the largest Bitcoin exchange platform for four years already.

3A third option could be Exmo, that advertises fast deposits and rapid withdrawals, together with promising the lowest commission fees on the market.

The identification of the right crypto exchange market strongly depends on the currency you decide to trade.
We have mentioned Bitcoin before, as it is certainly the most well-known among all digital currencies.
Of course, however, Bitcoin it is not the only one available in the market. Other cryptocurrencies are Litecoin, Ether and Ripple.

Litecoin was introduced with the purpose of offering a better, cheaper and faster option than the Bitcoin, but, substantially, does not differ much from the cryptocurrency pioneer.

Ether is the token used as the cryptocurrency of the platform Ethereum. The main peculiarity of Ethereum is that its blockchain technology concentrates on running the programming code of any decentralized application.

Ripple was launched in 2012 and it differentiates itself from the other cryptocurrencies because it is the only one that is connected to legitimate banks, such as Santander, Bank of America and UBS.

The general rule to make sure you are going to the right direction at every turning point you meet is to do your research carefully avoid lesser-known options, in order to avoid frauds and platforms that are easily hackable.

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