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Having a lot of followers on Instagram ensures good visibility, authority, reach, and engagement. Instagram has surprised the world and changed the way we do marketing. Started as a photo sharing fun app — Instagram has now grown to a serious content selling, marketing, networking and audience-building tool for people and enterprises.

What’s make it a heaven for Businesses is that — average Instagram engagement rate of brands is 58 times higher than Facebook. But that doesn’t mean your brand account will always keep growing. You might face a slower growth rate of your account.

Here we are going to dive into some methods and tools that will help you connect with your audience and grow your followers organically:

Consistency is Key

Instagram possesses the highest interaction levels for any social media platform. Your followers are likely to connect with you, but you have to give them something to engage with.

People expect timeliness and consistency from the brands they follow. Even if your account has millions of followers — not posting content can hurt the engagement rate. What’s more important is, the Instagram algorithm also considers your presence while deciding where to rank you on the feeds. However, while starting a regular posting schedule, you need to understand your audience and their timings. You can’t just keep posting while your targeted audience is asleep or busy at work.

Here are some tools to automate your Instagram content scheduling:

#1. LaterLater Scheduling

Later claims that their tool is used by 600,000 of the world’s top agencies, brands, and influencers. Later has two types of accounts — free and premium.

With Free Later:

  • You can add 2 Instagram accounts
  • Upload 30 photos per month
  • Search and repost content

With $20 Premium Later:

  • 2 Instagram accounts
  • Search and repost content
  • 250 posts per month

#2 Hopper HQHopper HQ

Hopper is another fully automated Instagram scheduling tool.

They offer 14 days free trial, and then charge you $19 per month: 

  • Schedule and Plan Instagram posts (Also available on mobile)
  • No post reminders
  • Instagram-approved (no spam accounts)
  • First Comment feature
  • Multiple Account Management

#3 SendibleSendible

This is a full-fledged Instagram management tool, and it goes far beyond scheduling.

Some features of this tool are:

  • Reply to your followers via a social media inbox
  • Schedule updates
  • Create analytics reports
  • Canva Integration

#4 Instanobel

Instanobel is way more than just scheduling. It’s the Best way to get real Instagram followers. This tool can be utilized for the growth of business and personal Instagram accounts. Using this you can get real Instagram likes, followers and comments. It also offers workflow management, auto-posting and audience selection.

Instanobel Review: This tool worked pretty good for me. For the price range they provide a good service. Some of the things I liked are:

  • Secure Site
  • Cheap and visible prices
  • Comment Tracker 
  • Location targeting
  • Competitor Targeting 
  • Real reviews on the website

Experiment with Your Content and Media

There’s no cookie-cutter formula for gaining Instagram followers. IG is more than just photos. The photos you share daily help to grow your Brand awareness and builds your reputation. But don’t be afraid of exploring other options. You need to do a bit of experimentation as there is always room for improvements. You can start off your experiment by paying as little as $1 per thosand of views. And if the experiment failed, you would have lost only one buck.

What works today will or will not work tomorrow. You should try creating new topics and content types with a relevant approach. To understand it better here’s an example:

Instagram videos cover 66% of all the ad impressions. If you experiment with your story ads, it can increase purchasing intent, marketing recall, and click-through rate.

Some of the things you can experiment with are: 

  1. Type of Content you share (Memes, photos, videos, infographics)
  2. Time of your Posts
  3. Ad types 
  4. Frequency of your stories and posts
  5. Number and type of Hashtags

Remember, there are no hard written rules for experimenting.

Get Creative with Hashtags

You can’t keep using the same hashtag and expect increasing engagement. You have to think beyond the one-word and obvious hashtags. Surely, you can use the trending keywords, but mixing them with your part of the story will benefit you. The bottom line is — don’t be BORING. Try to be ironic, funny or outrageous.

Don’t Buy Fake Followers on Instagram

Ever since Instagram updated its algorithm, Brands are finding it challenging to grow followers. Some are following dirty tactics to fast-track the process — such as buying Instagram Followers.

There are a plethora of reasons for not to buy Instagram followers, but here’s I am mentioning three in particular:

It can make Instagram Engagement Look Bad

More the followers you have, more the engagement rates will go down. There are services online selling fake followers. Say your account has 1 million followers, but your photos are getting only 1500 likes. It wouldn’t be hard to tell that your account has a lot of fake followers.

Instagram can Purge Your Account

If they catch you, they’ll purge your account. If you are lucky enough you might get a warning at first. Instagram constantly abolishes fake accounts, and you might lose most of your followers at once.

No one can Earn from Fake followers

No fake follower is going to promote your brand or buy a product. Many people tell that having tons of followers make your brand look bigger. But with Instagram constantly abolishing fake followers, you’ll keep losing money.

Bonus Tip: Instead of buying followers you can use Instagram automation tools to engage with your audience. Here’s a tool I developed to help grow your business, and you can spread your message easily.

If you use this bot wisely you can grow 50 to 200 followers daily. All you need is — invest 15 to 20 minutes of your time and run the bot.

Step-by-Step Guide:

You need to set up a Google Cloud Account first:

Visit the official website of Google Cloud and signup a trial account. Google offers $300 free whenever you opt for a new account. Now, navigate to Compute Engine and click on VM instances.

Instance Creation

You’ll find a server in the cloud named “Create Instance,” Click on it and fill out the details.

Now select “Ubuntu 18.04 LTS” in Boot Disk settings and Micro instance .6gb memory as machine type. Doing this will deduct $5 from your trial account.

Connect Instance

Wait for Instance status to be green and then click `ssh`.

Doing this will open Linux shell in server. This might seem like a web of programming codes, but don’t worry you can use it easily.


Now you need to install the python pip package installer. For that you need to paste the given command below into the Linux shell window:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install python-pip -y && sudo apt-get install git

Pasting this will grab the open source code and Install the bot. You can either paste it or type it manually. It’ll take two minutes to finish Installing. Now paste the below code in Google cloud Linux shell window:

pip install -U instabot
git clone --recursive
cd instabot/examples

Press enter.


Now, you’ll need proxies. I recommend Copy the list of proxies.


You are allowed to use two bots per proxy. By typing `ls` in Linux shell window, you can find all the bots.

You should create a new Instagram account to see if the bot works or not.

Paste the command below into the Linux Shell Window, and your tool will start running:


The script will ask you some questions. You have to enter your answers into the terminal. It’ll eventually start to like/comment/follow

If the script starts working, you need to press “ctrl+c” two times and type:

Doing this will start the detachable screen session, i.e., your program will keep running even if your system is shut down. To keep this script running forever hold Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + D. Use of this tool totally depends upon you. I suggest you use other accounts to spread messages or grow followers on your primary brand account.

Best Practices for this Tool

Instagram may ban this bot if you use the same IP, or do too much of automation. You can use the following methods to keep it undetected and boost your follower count: 

Old Account: Using Older accounts can grow your automation speed to 500+ followers/day. If your account is more than 21 days old, there is a slim chance of getting detected. Accounts more than six months old never get detected until and unless blatantly violating other terms too.

Don’t use the same links in BIO: Using identical links in BIO of different accounts can get you banned. But if you need the same links, I suggest you use different domains and redirect them.

How Proxies help here: Proxies make the bot imitate as a real Instagram user. You can use up to 2 Instagram accounts per proxies to play it safe. You can build a farm of thousands of accounts using different proxies and use them to increase followers of a specific account. Here you can forward traffic through mention though that’s a lot of work.

Tool Settings: If you keep your bot speed low, chances of getting detected is negligible. I suggest not to use “auto comment.” Auto Liking other’s photos is a more effective way to get followers. 

You need to paste the below command line to get auto-liker working:

python -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -proxy PROXY_ADDRESS selenagomez

Just change USERNAME, PASSWORD, and PROXY_ADDRESS to your details. Here the bot will start liking photos of selenagomez’s followers. You can change “selenagomez” to any desired account. There are different command and scripts to automate things. You can ask them in comments.

You can use different comments, hashtags, user targets, and content to see what’s working for you. Optimize this tool doing testing and see what’s improve your follower growth.

You can also use chatbots to engage with customers. Study your Instagram analytics and use this tool to automate the content which your audience like to engage with. Now it’s your turn to watch your follower count go up organically. Drawing genuine Instagram followers isn’t easy, but by following the given tips and utilizing a few additional apps, you can expect an improvement very quickly. So, put together your strategy, work on it and see how it ends up.

If you have any feedback on the tool, write back to me at — [email protected]


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