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Being the owner of a restaurant, your motive should be only one, that is to make meetings and dates of your customers happy. Your restaurant should welcome customers in the most defined and proper way without any hustle. This will help to enlist yourself in the list of top restaurants

Well, we know that it is a little challenging to make everything perfect in a business like a restaurant where there are multiple types of things to manage. This is why it is mandatory to leave traditional methods of managing a restaurant and to develop a restaurant reservation app like Eatigo.

You might have seen how people are becoming more and more dependent on online booking. Whether it is related to traveling or food delivery in order to save their time and energy. In the same way, people are seen showing their interest in an online restaurant reservation

Here we will talk about Eatigo, a good startup restaurant reservation app. This app offers time-based discounts of up to 50% off, every day at all of its 4500+ restaurants. Let’s have a look at this stat given by

This statistic shows the funding raised by tech startup companies in Thailand in 2018. Eko, an enterprise platform, raised the highest amount of funding at approximately 20 million U.S. dollars. This was followed by Eatigo, a start-up in the food/ bio and restaurant industry, which raised 10 million U.S. dollars in funding.

How to develop an app like Eatigo?

What features should be incorporated while developing an app like Eatigo?

There are multiple benefits of online restaurant reservation apps like they can quickly find a good place to eat, choosing from over 46,000 restaurants.

Let’s have a look some of the pointers to know deeply what actually are the advantages of an app like Eatigo diners and restaurants:

Fast registration

One of the most important things that should be there in your app is that users should be able to quickly register with the help of using an email address, phone number, or Facebook or Google account.

This idea would be really helpful for your app as when a user will fill his profile along with location and his food requirement, the app will quickly show the nearby locations and restaurants. 

Updated search with suggestions, filters, and ratings

When your users are done with making profiles and setting up location, they should find numbers of hotels having different ratings. By incorporating a good filter option, users can apply filters for top-rated restaurants. 

In this way, users can choose their nearby locations, required cuisines as well as they can also apply filters for rating, etc.

Apart from that, in order to make a reservation, users are required to choose the time as well as the number of people who are are likely to gather in the party. 

Online payment options

There should be an online payment option in your booking app to which diners can connect their credit cards.

You can also choose Stripe and Braintree, the most popular payment systems in order to handle mobile payments.

Seating options

It would be more amazing if you provide the option of selection of seats based on the diner’s preferences: outside, bar, or standard seating. Apart from this, provide users the option to filter restaurants by seating options, which is convenient for them.

Guest management software

There should be a feature of guest management in your app which will help restaurants to manage online reservations, cancellations, no-shows, seating, and wait for staff assignments. With the help of this kinds of guest management software, you can keep customer’s information, tracks their activities, and allows restaurants to run email campaigns.

Apart from it, this kind of software offers a registration widget which is really beneficial for your restaurant to post on your website or Facebook page in order to create a restaurant reservation. 

This will also track and accept reservations from any website or page sends notifications of reservation confirmation through mails.

The option of booking history

Your app should be such that the users can see the history of their past reservations. This will be really beneficial for the users to quickly reserve a seat in the restaurent of their choice which they had visited before. 

Should you create your own restaurant app?

It can not be said that going for an online reservation app is beneficial or not. It is because there are still some restaurants who do not approve of this system. It could also be said that there are some restaurant owners who do not find it relevant to invest in this kind of system. Instead, they like to hold their regular customers & still believe in pen-and-paper bookings.  

Apart from this, it could be said that the cost of OpenTable’s services is high. So it is better to develop your own restaurant app instead of investing much in online reservation companies. Let’s look at some of the examples in which some restaurants are using open table service and others are using their own online booking app. 

Momofuku, an international group of restaurants, uses OpenTable services alongside its own reservation system. Chicago-based Alinea is a restaurant that has recently introduced its own ticketing platform. Here you can make a reservation by buying a ticket to the restaurant or booking them for free. This is considered to be one of the most amazing ideas to make their guests feel as if they are going for watching some show instead of going out for dinner.

Final words

So, it could be said that instead of believing in other companies, it is better to invest in your own reservation app. This is one of the best ways to make your audience feel connected so that they are willing to visit again and again. 

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I am a tech blogger. I write on trending technologies such as Blockchain, internet of things, AR/VR.



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