How To Earn Money With Shrimpy – Hacker Noon

This article will explore how anyone can make money on the Shrimpy application. It’s free to sign up, easy to get started, and quick to get paid. There are two main ways to earn money with Shrimpy.

  1. Referring a friend.
  2. Becoming a leader in our social program.

Affiliate / Referral Program

The benefits for referring users to Shrimpy are constantly increasing. Months ago, we released the ability to refer friends. In exchange, users would get access to the beta features.

Today, people who participate in the referral program are starting to get more for every referral. Not only will they still have access to all beta features we release in the future, but they will also get paid.

Up to $12 for every referral that signs up for Shrimpy Social.

That’s right. Every time you refer someone, you get paid $4 per month for the first 3 months that your referral pays for the social features. You can find your referral link by going to the “Settings” tab in the Shrimpy application and then selecting “Referral”.

Now, $12 is a decent chunk of change… but, what if there was a way you could make $24 per person over the same 3 month period?

You can!

Social Leader Program

In addition to paying out for the referral program, we are also paying leaders $4 per follower per month. That means if you refer a new user who then follows you on the social feature, you will be earning $8 a month from that user for the first 3 months, then $4 per month thereafter if they continue to follow you.

Becoming a leader is as easy as navigating to the “Social” tab in the Shrimpy application, selecting “My Profile” in the upper right corner, and then checking the box for “I am a leader”.

Paying Out

Once you start referring new users and gathered a following in the social program, you will want to get paid. In Shrimpy, the payment process is easy. Navigate to “Settings”, then click on “Payment”. This will show you how much money you have earned in Shrimpy so far.

We can see there are two different values displayed on this page. The value on the left is how much money you can currently get paid. This amount is available for payout immediately.

The value on the right is how much you are currently accruing for the current month. On the first of every month, the value on the right is cleared and added to your available earnings that are displayed on the left.

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