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Unsurprisingly the rarest items to find in Monster Hunter World (MHW), such as the warped bone and wyvern gem, are the most valuable and functional. These items allow you to craft high-level gear and armour needed to defeat the game’s monsters and end game bosses.

One of these items is the MHW majestic horn, a rare item needed to level up and craft some of the game’s highest level gear and armour.

What is the MHW Majestic Horn?

The majestic horn is a material used to help level up and improve various armour and weapon pieces. The item is tough to find, with it found only through defeating one particular enemy type. 

Likewise, the item is randomly generated, making the probability of getting the item low. Thus, the majestic horn is a challenging item to acquire, even for veteran players.

How to Obtain the Monster Hunter World Majestic Horn 

You can only obtain the MHW majestic horn by breaking the horns of high-rank Diablos. 

Diablos is the apex creature of the Wildspire Waste, an area you unlock after completing the first section of the Monster Hunter World campaign. Diablos is a mighty monster who can bury underground and attack at speed, making the creature a formidable opponent. 

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Nevertheless, the monster is susceptible to sound and can be weakened using items that emit loud sounds, such as screamer pods. 

To obtain the majestic horn, you need to defeat and break the horns of a high-rank Diablos, which has more health than regular Diablos and is considerably more powerful.

To break the high-rank Diablos horns, you need to equip a heavy class or have a teammate with a heavy weapon such as a hammer. The Diablos head is susceptible to heavy weapon attacks, making the horns much easier to break when you have a heavy weapon equipped. 

The probability of the item dropping from breaking both horns of high-rank Diablos are 65%. Similarly, if you defeat a high-rank Diablos through a gold investigation, the probability of a Monster Hunter World majestic horn dropping are 14% and 18% through a silver investigation. 

Quests That Drop the Horns

Several different quests reward you with the item. Firstly, there is a 6% probability of getting the item through completing the optional quest RRRRRumble in the Waste, which pits you against Diablos and black Diablos. 

Similarly, there is a 5% chance the item may drop through completing the optional quests The White Winds of the New World and Wildspire Bolero.

Finally, the majestic horns have an 8% chance of dropping if you defeat multiple Diablos in the quest This is How Revolts start

How can the MHW Majestic Horn be Used?

The Monster Hunter World majestic horn is used to upgrade your weapons, armour and charms. The item is needed to forge high-level weapons such as the Kadachi Striker + gunlance and the Kadachi Lion II heavy bowgun. Likewise, the majestic horns can forge lower-level weapons such as the Diablos Clubs I and the Diablos Coilbender. 

A complete list of weapons that require the item can be found here:

  1. Tyrannis Glaive I
  2. Dual Threat
  3. Kadachi Lion II
  4. Diablos Coilbender
  5. Kadachi Striker +
  6. Kadachi Fang II
  7. Kadachi Claws II
  8. Kadachi Kaina II
  9. Diablos Clubs I
  10. Diablos Shatterer I
  11. Axe Semper Tyrannis
  12. Kadachi Pillar II
  13. Diablos Tyrannis I

Furthermore, the item can make high-level armour such as the Diablos alpha set and the Diablos beta set. 

Here is a complete list of armour that can be forged using the item:

  1. Diablos Helm Beta
  2. Diablos Mail Beta
  3. Diablos Greaves Beta
  4. Diablos Nero Helm Alpha
  5. Diablos Nero Helm Beta
  6. Diablos Helm Alpha
  7. Diablos Mail Alpha
  8. Diablos Greaves Alpha

Finally, you can use the item to craft powerful charms such as the Earplugs charm I, which weaken monster roars and the Bulwark charm that improves your character’s evasion and defence capabilities against incoming monster attacks. 

Final Thoughts

The MHW majestic horn is one of the rarest materials to obtain in the game. Acquiring one can allow you to build some of the game’s highest-level gear, armour, and charms. For more Monster Hunter World coverage, including features on the newly released Monster Hunter Rise, keep it locked on Hacker Noon.

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