How To Get Started As A Freelance Software Developer

Gregg Goldner Freelance developer and President of Two Sun Traders, LLC (right) and Poornima Vijayashanker, Founder of Femgineer(left)

Interview with Gregg Goldner Freelance developer and President of Two Sun Traders, LLC

Happy May!

For those of us who are in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is around the corner. For me, this summer marks my one year anniversary of becoming a parent. As you can imagine, my life has changed a lot in the past year. The biggest change is how I prioritize my time. The majority of my nights and weekends are spent with my family. I’m able to do this because I’m incredibly fortunate to have lots of help (both paid and unpaid), and as I evaluate new opportunities I prioritize freedom and flexibility.

But, when I was in my early 20s and someone told me to prioritize freedom and flexibility, I’d cringe and think, “Yes but how?”

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve asked this question to people I’ve met. Through trial and error, I’ve learned to incorporate or tweak parts of their how to fit my needs. As a result, I’ve learned there is more than one how, and to be wary of those who claim there is only one!

One approach we explored earlier this year was building a Company of One. Paul Jarvis and I explored how he went from being a freelancer and providing a service to scaling his business to create products. In the Build episode, we shared some of the common themes. If you missed the episode, you can check it out here.

This month, I want to rewind and explore the first part, becoming a freelancer.

Freelancing is one approach to gaining more freedom and flexibility. And while it’s easy to glamorize being your own boss, it can take time (many years) to get a business off the ground.

You have to figure out how to market yourself, manage clients, price your service, and still have enough hours left in the day to do the work!

All of these tasks can leave you feeling overwhelmed. To help you think about the transition, gain some perspective, and most importantly, work through the overwhelm, I’ve invited Gregg Goldner, who is a freelance developer and President of Two Sun Traders, LLC to share his experience.

Whether you are a freelancer, want to be one, or are just curious, I’d highly recommend tuning into this week’s episode to learn the following from Gregg:

  • Why Gregg wanted more flexibility in his life and chose to transition from being a music teacher to a software developer
  • How he made the transition to becoming a software developer
  • The skills he learned from having been a school teacher and how they applied to software
  • The experience that led Gregg to choose to be freelancer instead of a startup founder
  • How he initially priced himself, then changed his pricing over time
  • The importance of honing your craft
  • How he interviews clients and picks projects

“Putting on every single hat and then realizing I don’t like half those hats. Wouldn’t it be great if I didn’t have to do those things? What are my strengths and weaknesses, and how can I find people who have different strengths and weaknesses?” — Gregg Goldner, President of Two Sun Traders, LLC

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