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RuneScape is one of the most popular fantasy-based multi-player online games. The game is played in a world known as Gielionor. The fantasy realm is divided into various kingdoms, cities and regions. Additionally, the game allows players to navigate through the game, allowing them to navigate the game via their on-screen avatar.

You have been learning new skills, and you are about to make it to the quest only to realize that you are not allowed access to Gielinor. What the heck? There are several reasons a gamer can be denied access to RuneScape. 

The good thing about it is there is a way in. The use of a VPN will easily allow you access to this site.

How a VPN Works

While we are trying to take you through how you can install RuneScape using a VPN, you must first learn how VPN works. One advantage of using a VPN for this game is that it protects various other online activities by incasing your connection in a military level inscription. 

Using a VPN denies the government, ISPS and WIFI administrators, thus protecting you from using personal information. VPN’s first thing is to assign a new VPN IP address allowing you to get around blocks from RuneScape. 

Apart from RuneScape, VPN helps gamers navigate other related games such as Fortnite, Discord and Twitch. The new IP address provided for by VPN opens access to various content that is usually blocked in your region. Additionally, a VPN will help you overcome multiple other issues you may face during the game. 

Even though any VPN can get you to access to RuneScape, it is good to pay for the services of a reliable VPN network or just use a McdonaldsWifi.

How VPNs Work on RuneScape

RuneScape keeps tracks of player’s username and IP address, allowing them to enforce ban even when the players use different devices or different user names. 

Once you connect your device to a VPN server, it will temporarily assign it to a new IP address. Through that, it will appear as if the player is attempting to connect from a different location. 

Once you have a new IP address, you will connect to RuneScape and create a new account and swing into action once it is ready. Whether you had another version or not, you have to begin the game as a new character. 

When coming up with a new username, you have to come up with a completely new handle. For instance, if your old username was ‘Coll_Bett,’ a user name like ‘Coll_Knight 2’ will raise suspicions. 

1. To gain access to RuneScape using a VPN network, here is what you need to do;

2. Subscribe to a reliable VPN provider

3. Download and install the app from the provider you are currently using

4. Start the VPN app and connect it with a nearby server

5. Connect to RuneScape 

6. Go ahead and create a new RuneScape account

7. Play the game!

Why A RuneScape Account May Get Banned 

RuneScape administrators can ban players for several reasons. They include or are limited to the following reasons. 

  • Account hijacking
  • Real-world trading 
  • Bug abuse 
  • Other manual permanent bannable offenses



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