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June 23rd 2020

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Ravi Sharma, CEO of Webomaze is a highly enthusiastic entrepreneur.

What do you think about B2B content marketing strategy? Does your marketing strategies seem to get the desired results? Is content strategy vital?

Yes, content is very crucial but there’s no benefit if you are creating hundreds of blogs that are irrelevant to your niche or do not meet the audience’s needs. 

It is obvious that the B2B sales funnel is very crucial but it is also difficult to measure the efficiency of content. According to researchers, around 88% of marketers are establishing custom content marketing tactics but still, there are many marketers who are unable to make a difference between engaging and non-impactful content. 

Want to recreate your content or learn some distinct content marketing strategies to optimize your B2B sales funnel? We have the solution to all your questions but firstly, let us explain to you what is a content marketing funnel.

Content Marketing Funnel?

Do you know what is content marketing funnel and how it can assist in the brand’s growth?

A content marketing funnel is a system that follows a step by step procedure using as many as leads and converts them into potential clients who have purchased the goods or services from your brand.  

Basically, a content marketing funnels consists of three broad levels:

Awareness: when the customer finds your business.

Evaluation: When the lead finds that the products or services offered by your brand fits their requirement or not. 

Purchase: when the lead decides to purchase and becomes your customer. 

No matter what levels come in the sales funnel, content marketing significantly will keep helping your business to reach the audience in any of these funnel stages. Further, this helps in interacting with the leads, understanding their requirements, and producing more premium quality content. 

Now, as you are aware of what is content marketing funnel and how you can leverage it to experience the maximized benefits from your brand, let us talk about some specific categories where most of the marketers fall short and what tactics can be implemented to make the most out of the content marketing. 

1. Build AI-Powered Content

While the various websites and apps are collecting the data, understanding the online demands, and the behavior of the audience, it apparently becomes very daunting for humans to effectively gain insights and execute it.

Here, AI can be used to assist all your content marketing tactics to leverage as many as benefits like spotting the latest trends, optimizing for better CTR, and much more.  

Implementing AI will not only speed up content creation but will also help in building effective content that can better serve the needs of your customers. All in all, investing in AI can help you in achieving your desired goals. 

2. Invest In Strategic Content

Adequate information about products and services is crucial but most of the companies fail to provide. The users find it very difficult to access the information related to products or services that further leads to poor user experience.

So, to avoid losing the leads, invest in providing the audience with as much as relevant content so these leads turn into potential customers. But ensure the content is of good quality, is well-organized, and works well in terms of selling.

3. Integrate Employee Generated Content

There’s no other better solution than engaging your employees in marketing tactics and using them as influencers for your brand. If your brand is trustworthy and reputed then only customer engagement can be expected.

So, your internal links can help you analyze where your brand is lacking, what improvements can help in meeting the customer’s needs, and much more. Moreover, in terms of content, every individual can come with unique ideas that can be implemented to leverage the most from your content marketing tactics. Right?

4. Data-Driven Content Tactics

Earlier, marketers took content for granted, but in today’s digital world, the content has become the key to business success. It is no longer an optional element but has become a necessary part of marketing strategies. 

Creating and publishing the posts would not be enough. So, make use of insights, demographics, and other available information to construct a powerful content marketing strategy and analyze the output to ensure business success. 

5. Integrating Live Videos

It has been seen that most of the marketers are making more use of webinars, audios, and videos rather than implementing their previous content tactics. 

People nowadays prefer engaging in live videos rather than reading those long blog posts. So, demonstrate transparency and build trust in your brand by using the live videos. As the way, popular content format increases the engagement same the live videos convert the leads into potential customers efficiently. 

6. Personalized Experiences

When it is all about customer satisfaction, creating quality content becomes very crucial. Having information like demographics, the behavior of the audience, and the type of existing customers makes it easy to deliver the best-personalized content that fits the needs of every single user and engages as many as new customers too. 

Eventually, personalized B2B content marketing not only organizes the sales funnel but also leaves a positive impact on conversion rate and establishing long-term customer relationships. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, focusing on efficiency in your sales and keeping the needs of customers in mind is one way to leverage the maximum benefits from the sales funnel. All in all, personalization, automation, and a blend of the latest technologies can be a key to optimize your sales funnel for achieving improved ROI and delivering great user experience.

(Disclaimer: The Author is the CEO at Webomaze)

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Ravi Sharma, CEO of Webomaze is a highly enthusiastic entrepreneur.


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