How to Protect Your Organization from Double Extortion Ransomware | Hacker Noon

By the time you have finished reading this sentence, an organization somewhere in the world will have fallen victim to a ransomware attack and had at least some of its corporate data encrypted. On average, the criminals behind ransomware attacks hit a new organization every 10 seconds during 2020. Less than five years ago, the cadence of attacks was around one every 40 seconds – showing just how the cyber-crime economy relies on ransomware as a revenue generator.

It’s estimated , according to Cybersecurity Ventures, that ransomware cost businesses worldwide around $20 billion in 2020, a figure that’s nearly 75% higher than in 2019. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, criminals have added a new tactic to the familiar ransomware playbook which puts added pressure on victims to meet their demands.

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