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Hey, steve here an intuit professional with a vision to aware my fellow Quickbooks users about Quickbooks errors.

Quickbooks is a popular accounting program especially used by small businesses, including freelancers. Quickbooks provides a feature for multi-users that lets them work simultaneously on company files. 

Generally, H series errors are considered to be inevitable errors that may be caused by internal and external technical glitches. Users are likely to get error H 202 if the server fails to communicate with the company file hence not allowing users to access the company file. The most common way users tend to fix this error by using Quickbooks File Doctor, a one-stop solution in resolving network-related issues.

Quickbooks Error Code H202 symptoms

Quickbooks Error Code H202 has the following symptoms:

  • QuickBooks may hang or freeze.
  • Your computer could become inactive.
  • QB users cannot switch to a multiple-user mode.
  • The QuickBooks error code H202 appears on the screen.
  • You are unable to open the company file on the other computer.

Quickbooks Error Code H202 Causes

Quickbooks Error Code H202 has the following Causes:

  • The QuickBooks Database Server Manager has been damaged.
  • The firewall system of the computer blocks the communication path.
  • An unacceptable or damaged DNS setting.
  • The server cannot be reached.
  • Wrong configuration setting for the hosting server.
  • QBCF Monitor or QuickBooks DBXX is not running.
  • Company file/files corrupted.

Quickbooks Error Code H202 Solutions

These are the solutions that you can follow to resolves your Quickbooks Error Code H202:

Network connectivity should be evaluated. 

Check network connectivity by pinging your server from a workstation that is receiving error H202. 

Follow these steps to ping your server.

  • Press windows+ R and you’ll see your run window
  • Enter CMD in the Run window
  • Inside CMD, type ping [servername] and press enter to ping the server from your workstation.

Download Quickbooks desktop file doctor

Quickbooks desktop file doctor is one of the best tools for resolving network-related issues that may be preventing multiple users from connecting to the program. 

Check Firewall setting for Quickbooks desktop

You should check if the server computer’s settings are blocking Quickbooks or not. After you have configured your firewall permissions, open Quickbooks in multi-user mode at your workstation.

Create a new folder for the QBW file.

  • Create a new folder for your QBW file on your server computer.
  • Share the folder and give windows access permissions to share company files.
  • Copy your QBW file to the new folder.
  • Open the company file in multi-user mode again.


It is essential to properly complete these steps before going to any of these steps to prevent data loss. Take a backup of your company file before performing any of these steps. If the problem persists even after using the above solutions then you can always contact the Quickbooks customer support team.

steve rex Hacker Noon profile picture
by steve rex @steverex. Hey, steve here an intuit professional with a vision to aware my fellow Quickbooks users about Quickbooks errors.Read my stories


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