How to Start a Conversation With a Customer: 25 Welcome Message Ideas

There won’t be analogies about an acquaintance in a bar or stupid jokes; it is clear without them how important it is to correctly start a conversation with a customer.

In Dashly, have already talked about the fact that quality support helps the user to convert to using the service and not to get into the churn when they face difficulties. In addition, chat messages set up properly help increase sales.

Whether you’re using the chat to increase sales or to support users, we’ve collected ideas for the first messages that will fit any task. 


These first messages are universal, suitable for any part of your website; the setup takes minimum time, draws attention to the chat and, in turn, increases the conversion rate. They are suitable for both sales and support.

Convert to making an action

For those who don’t find a neutral message enough: think about what’s important and interesting for a user that you have and write it to them in a chat. 

Promotion or sale

 Location-based special offer

Special offer for people from a specific traffic source

Release of a new feature/news on an update

New blog article

Upcoming webinar

Useful article on the subject

Nurturing users who already visited your website

Invitation to participate in the survey

Invitation to start a trial period

The trial subscription end reminder

Demo version

Push a user towards the registration

Remind a user to complete their registration

Offer a bonus for completing the registration

Suggest configuring a feature that the user has not yet activated

Help resolve an issue

An automatic message in a chat can help users deal with issues before they occur. 

Analyze the behavior of customers on your website and pay attention to where the churn rate is highest; users may have difficulties or questions that you can help them with. 

It’s also helpful to talk to the support team; find out what issues they have to deal with most often and set up an auto-reply message for when such issues arise. 

What can you offer to help with:

Search for a specific product or tool

Choosing a plan

Implementing the script on the website

Problems with calculating plans

Payment issues 

Help with setting up a specific feature

What to keep in mind when setting up an automated message in a chat

  • Start by addressing by name; personalization of messages positively influences the conversion rate;
  • Keep the user’s interests in mind: offer him or her messages which are relevant to the pages he or she has been to or the products he or she has viewed;
  • Do not go too far with the messages so as not to irritate the user;
  • Specify the working hours of the agents so the customer knows when they will get an answer;
  • Do not insist on the customer leaving you all the data at once: resolve the issue first;
  • An agent with a human name and face is more likely to be answered; make use of this.

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