E-Commerce Technology Trends: 2020 Edition

As you know, technology is the king of today’s world. With trending mobile app development technology, the business sector is adopting the changes to stay in the competition of the market. E-commerce technology has a high impact on eCommerce shopping. They will have a new influence on new technology, new customer demands, and are moving from desktop to the latest mobile applications.

We are also going to start the online retail business now; there are some of the familiarity with some of the e-commerce technology trends which will shape the future of the industry:

Mobile is Present

Nowadays, mobile is not the future of e-commerce, but also it is a new requirement for every e-commerce. There is a considerable increment in the users of smart devices, and even then, due to that, the e-commerce traffic is also increasing as we know that the clients are using their mobile phones for online shopping. The users of smartphones have crossed over more than half of the population. The primary method of online shopping is the desktop.  But with advanced technology, mobile devices will become the primary method for e-commerce shopping.

In a nutshell, the users of a smartphone are a primary concern for business operations. Optimization of mobile will have a direct impact on the ranking of your eCommerce store on any of the search engines. The mobile-friendliness is a necessary element in the algorithm of ranking. Mostly, 50% of mobile users will view a competitor after they have the worst experience.

Mobile Application & M-Wallet

Optimization of a mobile is a primary concern for the eCommerce business, which is moving forward, but it is not enough anymore. You have to implement the functionality of the mobile wallet. You should also consider it as a launch of the mobile app. The mobile platform is one of the eCommerce technology trends in 2019.

As many of the clients shop online, we understand the advantages and will add the security of using the mobile wallet. Mobile customers will accept the use of the mobile wallet to finalize a purchase. Mobile wallet functionality will help you to increase sales and boost your rate of conversion.

Shopping with the help of the App is more convenient for the customers and will give a more immersive environment for marketing. Your app will work as a pop-up, and you will have a feel as a physical store.

As the apps are immersive, a user likes to spend more time browsing. We will give opportunities for marketing & sales.

Voice recognition search

In today’s scenario, we have several virtual assistants like Google Voice Search, Google Home, Siri, and Viv. The virtual assistants are providing training to customers to use their voice for the search engines. Voice search is a significant innovation driver for eCommerce. There are more than 30% of mobile device queries based on sound. 40% of millenarian will search with the voice assistant.

Voice search technology is a critical step for the customer’s loyalty. AI is used for comprehending the search query and will serve the client with the correct answers and results.

Customization of Product

Nowadays, customization of the product is increasing, and it is one of the significant components in the e-commerce world. Product customization will make the purchase convenient; it can remove the hassles of online shopping and will cater to the needs of today’s buyers.

Automation will also play a vital role in the customization of products or services. YouTube is recommending the video playlist as per the behavior of the user. The service will get the customization for the customers with their usage patterns.

There are different businesses around the globe and are using the same process. Companies are customizing the products to make their customers purchase reliable and comfortable for them.

ROBO/ROPO is an increase

ROBO (Research Online, Buy Offline) or ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) is the latest trend for some years. We cannot take it as the evolution of the e-commerce business world. It can also consider as a pinnacle of online shopping technologies from the last few times.

Customers can find a secure method for searching their products at the appropriate price. ROBO will also support the e-commerce business owners for tracking their offline conversions.

As a business owner, you require to expand your digital marketing services around the trend of ROPO. There are some of the advanced techniques like CRM, shopping history, Wallet, and social integration, which will fulfill the need of ROBO shoppers.

There are also some of the trends like product visualization, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Adoption of big data and analysis, which has revolutionized the e-commerce world.

Services of Subscription

Online subscription services are having an impact on the eCommerce
industry. An eCommerce technology trend will personalize the subscription services, which will continuously emerge as the power layers.

Services of subscription are a common aspect of the digital retail industry. Subscription services will create a stable revenue stream for the business they provide. Subscription providers can forecast cost, profits, and revenue. The nature of the service will deliver robust analytics, which
will help to shape future offerings.

Clients of subscription services will have a more extended requirement to shop for certain products and services. Subscriptions will have a history of everyday purchases, eliminate the time consuming, and will have a trip to the store.


There are many of the latest and the leading mobile development technologies which will come into the future. The mobile platform is a part of an e-commerce business, and the subscription of services will have significant importance in the digital market.

The E-commerce website will be ready for the future by integrating with the latest technological trends. You will also get professional support in this if you need to incorporate the latest technologies for the e-commerce business.

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