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Turning your items into cryptocurrency was formerly a troublesome thing to do. You would have to use multiple services and the whole process would take days if not weeks. One of the main issues with this process was the fact that there was never a service that turns your items directly into cryptocurrency. This is where Junktion comes into play.

Turning your items into cryptocurrency

Turning your items into cryptocurrency has never been easier. With Junktion, we will give you an offer for your items within 24 hours. If you fill out this form you will be able to to start the simple 4 step process of turning your items into bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

It can even be faster than selling on huge platforms such as Ebay and Amazon.

Why would I want to turn my items into cryptocurrency?

This is a good idea if you are interested in gaining or introducing a certain cryptocurrency position in your portfolio At Junktion you are able to sell your items for almost any cryptocurrency you can think of. Here are a few of the positive benefits you have when selling your items to Junktion.

Earn cryptocurrency free of fees

Junktion is the place to turn your stuff into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Monero, Neo, Nano, Stratis, Vertcoin, any erc20 token on major exchanges, and just about every other coin as well.

We will give you an offer on anything that you own and are willing to sell. This offer has is free of any fees.

People can invest in the future

Junktion is here to push the adoption of cryptocurrency. We want everyone to be as empowered as possible for the cryptocurrency revolution. If you own something it has a value tied to it, Junktion is the place where you can untap this and turn your stuff into the cryptocurrency of your choice.


This is one of the many reasons why you should sell your items to us. Junktion plans on increasing the lifespan of all the items that go through our ecosystem. We are currently at a phase where we are collecting the items for our Ecosystem. In the Ecosystem buyers will be able to anonymously be able to purchase anything that has gone through our ecosystem. This is a crucial part to turning your items into cryptocurrency. We will into more detail this in our whitepaper, that should be done in the coming months.

What we do

We are hoping to help cryptocurrency platforms such as Ethereum, Neo, and Stellar, and Bitcoin push adoption further by allowing people the opportunity to immediately turn your items into cryptocurrency. We are playing a support role in helping all of cryptocurrency reach the masses.

How it works

For a better look at our process on how to turn your items into bitcoin or cryptocurrency please click here.

People have been calling us the bitcoin pawn shop.

Why we do it

There are multiple reasons on why we are turning items and physical goods into bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for our customers. Junktion has two major goals. To help people invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency all while recycling and helping clean up the world.

The reason why I started Junktion is because I used to invest in all types of physical items. I wanted to turn those physical items directly into cryptocurrency and so I created that service myself. 2017 was an incredible year for bitcoin and all of cryptocurrency. Holding on to physical items as an investment hardly makes sense anymore when you have this digital currency available instead. Turning your physical items into bitcoin, Ethereum, or whatever cryptocurrency you want has its benefits.

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