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June 9th 2020

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Life is weird; it keeps changing the roles of the creatures and things that exist on the planet. The current corona pandemic situation that we all are going through has made many changes in our daily activities.

We are locked now in homes, we are masked now if we need to go out; we are much more vulnerable now with many dos and don’ts.

Worst case is we are frightened of our family members and our personal belongings like mobile due to covid-19.

Source: Worldometers

Our very own mobiles may turn us into dead????

Look at around you, things are in action but quite slow, and the only connection is through online platforms. Grocery order goes through online outlets, medical facility reaches to you when you send the message, and your office work is also incomplete without the handy technology.

All these and other things are impossible if you do not have a mobile. From the medical industry to the mortgage industry or broker, everything is running with the help of mobiles. From getting into a video call with a doctor to taking a virtual tour of a property, mobile it required everywhere. Things cannot complete without this small yet stunningly effective device.

Mobiles that stay with the whole day and night whole life are a threat for us. Something that rests in your hands and on your lap may be holding a message of death. What??? Sounds like an exaggeration?  Do not be silly; after all, we are talking about the life-threatening and ubiquitous virus.

If you do not believe, read this:

Corona virus can stay alive on your Smartphone for up to 4 days, finds new study. More info here

This news from timesnownews reveals the level of risk we have from our mobile phones. The study mentioned in the news discusses the duration of the existence of coronavirus on varied surfaces.

In some cases, the research is still going on, for example, water. There are no indications yet of any presence of the virus in water. However, the role of water filters in our homes is significant here.

At least now you can understand how difficult are the situations and how intensely we need to work on preventive measures. Among all the above surfaces, mobiles are the most dangerous as they remain in very close contact with our body.

Start a series of some necessary precautions applicable to
mobile use.

1. Accept that you are doing things in the wrong manner

You know what; the biggest problem with humans is that they have their ego buckets that keep gathering bad habits. Not cleaning mobile, holding it near kids etc. all are bad habits. If someone asks us to change a wrong practice, do not suddenly deny thinking that you cannot do anything incorrectly. It is about your well-being, and the vital thing is to reflect the nature of the most intelligent creature in the world.

2. Give priority to hygiene

Embrace cleanliness and tailor your routine a bit to practice a better set of habits. Give priority to cleanliness as rest of the things come later at this time of chaos.

  • Before watching a movie on mobile clean it well.
  • Once you get back to your home, clean the mobile screen immediately.
  • Do not keep it near your pillow while sleeping.
  • Even if you are at home, sanitize the screen at least twice a day.

3. Learn the correct ways of cleaning mobile

Just cleaning with a dry cloth is not sufficient. A short but correct process of cleanings should be followed. Here is how to clean the mobile.

  • Clean the screen and backside thoroughly and properly.
  • Avoid bleaches, abrasives and aerosol sprays.
  • Use a soft cloth/tissue paper.
  • Do not wipe excessively.
  • After cleaning throw the cloth or tissue paper in the dust bin with a lid.

Note – If you are using a cloth and do not want to throw it then immediately after cleaning the mobile, wash it thoroughly.

4. Keep the practice consistent

The habit of cleaning mobile should not remain for only a month or two; it should be embraced as a lifelong habit. It should become part of your nature. Good habits should stay for the whole life. You may stop cleaning your mobile, but the threat of coronavirus is not going to spare you. It is unpredictable and looks for a single chance to intrude in your life.

Hope, you can understand now that how important it is to pay attention to your mobile use. Its screen and the back portion are equally dangerous, and at every step, you need to avoid mistakes.

We get life every day, but we die only once and never get back to life again.

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