How we got to no.1 on Product Hunt with a product built without code

Seedform shows it’s possible to make a fully-fledged SaaS app on a no code platform

From vision to strategy

Our big vision at Stacker is for anyone to be able to build apps without code.

There are a lot of possible strategies to do this. Become a ground-up app builder (Bubble). Create a tool for designers who can then hand code over to developers (Webflow). Start with a supercharged version of the common spreadsheet and then grow into being people’s business system (Airtable).

The strategy we’re going with is: sell the app, not the app builder.

We think this lets users access a lot of value in very little time. Users can install their app out of the box, and then customise the theme, flow and data model from a working starting point, instead of a not-working blank canvas.

Put even simpler, the two steps for users are:

  1. Install
  2. Customise

A form builder, built using a no code builder

Our first test of these 2 steps is Seedform, which is a multi-page form builder built on our no code platform.

Seedform lets users sign up, create questions for their customers, change the logo and theme, and then publish their form, with an area to view responses. Each question generates a new page in an onboarding flow. After filling in the form, customers sign up for a simple portal where they can edit their responses to the form. You can try it by signing up here.

There were two reasons we built Seedform on Stacker, instead of making it from scratch in code.

First, to save time. Five of us developed and launched Seedform in under two weeks.

Second, and more importantly, to help our users with the 2nd step: customise. A Seedform works on two levels:

  • Seedform settings: wizard to make a multi-page form (see screenshot above)
  • Stacker builder: fully-fledged no code app builder (see screenshot below)

The Seedform settings level lets you change some things about your Seedform, for instance the questions, logo and theme. But for users who need more flexibility, it’s possible to keep customising on the Stacker builder level.

For instance, if you want to change the tagline ‘Let’s get started’ that appears at the beginning of a form, you can do it at the builder level:

In fact, you can change pretty much anything in the builder: stick everything in Comic Sans, put in a 90s era marquee animation, add a token cat GIF like this one.

No code will eat the world

Seedform launched last Wednesday and reached #1 on Product Hunt on Saturday, with nearly 200 people signing up to try it out.

We’re happy that we passed the test of whether we could create a SaaS product using our own no code platform. But we’re even more psyched about what we think this means generally: we’re at the start of a revolution in the way people make software.

We think the next 10 years will see more and more products being built in the same way as Seedform, as no code tools become capable not just of making apps, but of making apps that make apps.

Our aim is to be a part of the story.

What’s next

We’re talking to Seedform users to improve on the first version with their feedback, while doing some dreaming up of the next SaaS application that we can create without code on Stacker.

Stay tuned for updates, or get in touch with me at louis [at] stacker [dot] app if you want to chat!

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