How We’re Reimagining Goodreads – Hacker Noon

Today, we’re launching bookclub — so you can log and share the books you read.

It is a beautiful, simple alternative to Goodreads. Check out my profile here.

So how does it work?

In just a few clicks, you set up your bookclub profile (via Twitter/FB login). From there, you can begin filling out your personal library. Adding a book to your profile is very straightforward and easy to do (we query the Amazon API to find the book you read). You simply add a review, rating, and date.

From there, your profile is ready to share all over the internet.

We have numerous features on the roadmap (quite literally infinite things to build) and will share a more in-depth view of exactly what those are in our next update (reading statistics, community feed, etc.). We’re starting, though, with a simple “digital bookshelf creator.”

When we started piecing together bookclub a few months ago, we were inspired by the opportunity to bring people and knowledge together. While bookclub profiles represent just one component of a much larger problem-space, we are still very excited to see how the community feels about this direction.

Would love to hear what you think.

We’re live on @producthunt today!

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