How Zerta Is Making Crypto Ready for the Mainstream

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User-friendliness remains one of the most significant obstacles to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. Participation in crypto exchanges and payments often requires users to juggle many different wallets and platforms, each presenting security risks and learning curves to master. For crypto to become genuinely mainstream, there need to be more accessible and reliable crypto tools available for everyone, whether they’re an experienced trader or a novice.

Fintech startup Zerta, a project which brought together experienced entrepreneurs and leading trading software developers is pairing in a single ecosystem a EU licensed bank and a stock exchange level trading platform. Paruyr Shahbazyan the founder of the largest sports-betting media in the CIS along with Victor Amabartzumian and Mohan Thurairajah whose software is serving such giants as ICE and Euronext, are developing a next generation financial ecosystem with a client-centric approach.

Zerta’s Convenience and Accessibility

Zerta is launching an intuitive, user-friendly platform to manage a complete fiat and crypto portfolio. Zerta users don’t have to switch between multiple platforms and wallets. Instead, they have access to a one-stop shop.

A Zerta account available both for entities and individuals comes with automatic access to a Zerta wallet, bank account, and exchange account. Users can manage every aspect of their crypto and fiat finances from their “agile dashboard,” which they can customize with different widgets to reflect their financial practices. Zerta traders have access to performance analytics data, multiple crypto and fiat trading pairs, a matching engine capable of processing over two million orders per second, and many other trading tools.

The Zerta wallet allows users to transmit cryptocurrency and fiat payments instantly, exchange different crypto and fiat currencies, and (with the attachment of a banking card) use crypto and fiat accounts to pay for retail purchases. This robust ecosystem will be supported by a complete customer service team, ensuring that even crypto newcomers can quickly learn Zerta’s tools and seek help when they need it. Their new feature of personal managers is just the tip of the iceberg in this digital ecosystem with a human touch.

Many wallets, exchanges, and crypto conversion services charge users high, hidden fees. For active crypto users these fees can quickly add up, eliminating many day-to-day marginal savings that made crypto so appealing in the first place. As Bitcoin’s popularity exploded in late 2017, for example, transaction fees varied depending on the time of day and week, resulting in unpleasant shocks for users such as a $25 transfer incurring a $16 transaction fee.

Zerta has transparent and low fees for both crypto and fiat transactions, ensuring that Zerta members can use the app for day-to-day payments and activities without racking up unexpected or high costs.

Zerta and Security

Crypto traders should be able to have as much confidence in their crypto wallets as they do in their fiat bank accounts or credit cards, where security measures are tight, and customer protection plans mitigate security breaches.

But the reality is that crypto security breaches happen often, and users usually have little recourse. While blockchain itself remains a difficult or impossible-to-hack technological architecture, crypto users must use wallets and exchanges that often let them down.

The Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange once handled over 70% of all Bitcoin transactions globally, but it created havoc in 2014 when it revealed that 7% of all Bitcoins in existence at the time, worth $473 million, had been gradually stolen from the exchange’s wallet.

More recent debacles have included a $530 million theft from the Asian exchange Coincheck and a bug in the Parity crypto wallet that permanently “froze” $280 million in Ethereum.

Zerta takes its name from Certus, a Latin adjective meaning certain, resolved, or sure. Their name choice reflects their commitment to security and transparency. Zerta has a full Know-Your-Customer/anti-money-laundering screening process to assess all new accounts. Users don’t receive access to Zerta exchanges or wallets until they pass the screening, keeping bad actors out of the ecosystem.

Zerta issues two-factor authentication keys to users who pass the screening and uses multi-signature protocols to transfer funds between wallets and exchanges. Users’ private keys reside with them and are never sent to or stored with Zerta. Perhaps most significantly, over ninety percent of assets stored in Zerta will be held in cold storage, eliminating the possibility of a remote hack.

Zerta and New Crypto Companies

For many newcomers to the crypto world, one of its most exciting aspects is how many new startups launch every day. ICOs, after all, are were initially based on the premise that ordinary people and not just wealthy venture capitalists are interested in supporting new startups, and crypto presents an ideal tool for doing so.

Zerta includes a funding marketplace where crypto ventures can share details about their project, and Zerta users can fund projects in their chosen cryptocurrency using direct transfers from their wallets. By keeping multiple stages of the funding process inside one blockchain ecosystem, Zerta provides accountability and a traceable funding path. Ventures can use the marketplace and associated Zerta community functions such as video blog posts to update investors on their project.

New ventures can list their projects on the funding marketplace by passing through a due diligence screening and receiving votes from Zerta community members.

Companies who want to register their new coin on the Zerta exchange early in the project’s lifespan can also access the automatic listing option, which allows newer companies to list coins in exchange for a transparent fee and guaranteeing liquidity through deposit or market-making strategies. These mechanisms ensure that new startups can benefit from the Zerta ecosystem while their investors stay protected.

Crypto is a world-changing financial tool, but it will need to penetrate the mainstream completely to unlock its full potential. Zerta offers an intuitive, user-friendly, and secure ecosystem for newcomers and old hands alike to enjoy.

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