How I Built the Fastest Online Store for a Home Decor Brand [Part 1]

This is the first part of a series of exciting articles I will be writing about how I built the fastest online store for an artistic home decor brand named “Aprakrta”. The lessons I learned by building are the reason why I want to share this project with all of you. I wish these articles should have been present on the internet when I started a year ago and now is the time it’s about to happen.

Like many young developers, I used to search relentlessly on how to begin building a web application, what boilerplate to use, how to deploy a web app and some simple-minded questions I laugh at now. These articles will answer such questions and will definitely save you a hell of a time. There were only a few progressive web applications deployed at that time and those were of Instagram, Facebook, Uber, Flipkart, etc. Safe to say only big players were developing it. I searched GitHub, StackOverflow but found nothing about developing an E-commerce store using Progressive Web App concepts. Basically, I was looking for something to give me an idea about how to start developing. Christian Nwamba’s articles on did help me but it wasn’t enough.

So I stopped looking, took it on my own and let the mistakes teach me. This is the story of me playing the biggest gamble at an early stage of my professional career and successfully winning it.

We will divide this series into the following articles. Each article is reader-friendly and will assist you when you have to build a great application for yourself or for the client.

  • The Start [PART 1]– What you need to know before taking a contract and every important thing happened before writing the first line of code to create
  • Choosing a Tech Stack [PART 2]- Choosing a suitable Javascript framework, Database Service and Hosting
  • Building [PART 3]– Complete Frontend and Backend Development lessons from start to finish in 7 Minutes
  • Finishing Touches and Deployment [PART 4]– Speed improvements and hacks to take your web application to the next level

In all the above articles, I will share interesting technical and non-technical details also each article will take only less than 8 minutes of your day and I will take care to deliver you the best return on investment.

The Start

It was exactly a year ago when I met Aprakrta’s founder Mrs. Nivedita Bacchav. I can recall the exact environment when I met her at Aprakrta’s office, It was well-decorated workspace by artistic stuff like a hanging garden, exquisite paintings, and beautiful plants I never saw before in my life. Let’s get technical now, at that time as a Web App developer I only knew these 3 things.

  1. Vanilla Javascript ( No Js Framework Knowledge )
  2. CRUD Operations
  3. MongoDB

Using the above stack I had created a website that I showed them as apart of my experience and what I can possibly do.

It was this- ( Have turned it into a PWA now with useful features, You can request for an updated version if you want )

Enter ‘idontknow’ as an access key on the homepage, you will see what I could do a year ago!

So, I convinced them that it would be better to build an online store of ‘Aprakrta’ as a Progressive Web App, not as a website. They loved the idea, We agreed on a fee and boom, that was it. Now I look back at it and I am proud of my choices. To be honest, I was nervous about whether I could do it or not because they were counting on me for the best possible online presence of their business venture.

Here are the top 5 things you should know before taking a project

  1. Know your current skillset, Don’t Fake it.
  2. Know what are you willing to learn to deliver best for your client, Might take a month or a year. Again, Don’t Fake it.
  3. Never say no to your first client. Return on Investment of such projects is unbelievable.
  4. Understand your customer more than you understand yourself.
  5. Your first project is never for money, It’s the investment you are making for yourself.

In the next part, I will share what stack I chose and what things you need to consider before choosing a tech stack for your project.

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