Turn your old useless laptop screen into an external monitor

Trust me. It’s easier than it sounds!

For far too long I possessed an old Dell Studio laptop. It served me well for a good 5 years with a number of service centre visits, battery and hard disk replacements, formats and OS upgrades. From the past few years I have ditched the old laptop for a Macbook. Yet still, I never bothered to dispose of it. After all it still works (slow af but works!). What if there is an ‘emergency’ situation where I need to use this ancient piece of technology? I tried selling it, but the act itself and the price I get for it is honestly not worth it. Giving it to someone for free feels like a punishment to the person (most smartphones have better specs). Disposing it off just doesn’t feel right (yeah right! That’s the middle class in me speaking. Also not very good for the environment).

Aren’t we all hoarders of things we think we’ll use someday? Here’s to someday

I had been building a smart mirror for a few weeks. One of the main components of which is an LCD screen. Since this was a pet project, I was looking at the cheapest available solution. Most monitors available online cost upwards of 4000 INR, even ones on OLX and Quikr cost as much as. 2500 INR. There has to be a cheaper solution. My budget was capped at 1500 INR for a screen size of at least 13.3 inches. So I decided to wait until I could find a cheaper solution. I am so glad I did.

One rare Sunday afternoon while I was cleaning my cupboard, I stumbled upon the faithful old Dell studio. I switched it on, it worked despite it’s battery life deteriorated. I switched it on and started dismantling the laptop to procure the LCD screen on it. We all know that a laptop is a complicated piece of machinery, it is only when you dismantle it that one really comes in face with the fact. Make sure you dismantle it very carefully, preferably on sheet of cloth. You will need those thin screwdrivers for this.

Long story short… Turning your laptop LCD screen into an external monitor is damn easy.

This is not an instructable. I don’t like writing ‘how to’ articles, so I’m taking the liberty of assuming the fact that you will be careful, are smart and that you will figure it out. Mind you, asking questions is a part of figuring it out. So hit me up if you have any, I will try my best to answer most questions or guide you to the appropriate resources.

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