I Didn’t Accept Job Offer at Facebook. Here’s Why? – Hacker Noon

It was the decision all about choosing family over career and happiness over money. It was about that smile. It was that about moment. It was about that weekend with my family. It was about that time I spent sharing meals, jokes, thoughts, and TV shows with my family and father. It was about that walk with my father to the grave of my mother to meet her.

If I had accepted the job at Facebook, I would have traveled half world and would be living in a rented apartment and trying to see my family and my father through a video call with low-speed internet. For me, these things are more important to me than my career, growth, and money. And before you say that I can take my father with me, then let me tell you that due to some medical circumstances it’s not possible. So choice is very clear to me. And I am very happy with it.

When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier. ~Roy E. Disney

Are you insane? Are you crazy? Are you stupid? Why? Seriously man? You should go?

These are the reactions I am getting from my circle when I tell them that I got a job at Facebook and I had to decline it. And before you judge me or misjudge me by thinking or saying these same reactions to realize me that who declines such kind of company and job offer, I believe that there are some things and some values which are more important to me than my career, money, growth etc. I only know that it’s the biggest opportunity I have ever gotten in my career and I never even imagined or dreamed about it. So saying no to it was one of the hardest and toughest decision of my life, which took me days to make it and then few more days to accept the fact that I did it.

For many, getting a job at Facebook isn’t any big deal at all. But, for me, this is really huge and unimaginable. I am just an ordinary guy living in Karachi, Pakistan which is said to be the 4th most least livable country in whole world. And I love this city and country more than anything.

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