‘I want to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Where can I start?’

Getting a job

I bought a plane ticket to the US with no return flight. I’d been studying for a year and I figured it was about time I started putting my skills into practice.

My plan was to rock up to the US and get hired.

Then Ashlee messaged me on LinkedIn, “Hey I’ve seen your posts and they’re really cool, I think you should meet Mike.”

I met Mike.

I told him my story of learning online, how I loved healthtech and my plans to go to the US.

“You may be better off staying here a year or so and seeing what you can find, I’ think you’d love to meet Cameron.”

I met Cameron.

We had a similar chat what Mike and I talked about. Health, tech, online learning, US.

“We’re working on some health problems, why don’t you come in on Thursday?”

Thursday came. I was nervous. But someone once told me being nervous is the same as being excited. I flipped to being excited.

I spent the day meeting the Max Kelsen team and the problems they were working on.

Two Thursday’s later, Nick, the CEO, Athon, lead machine learning engineer, and I went for coffee.

“How would you like to join the team?” Asked Nick.

“Sure.” I said.

So it turns out, my US flight got pushed back a couple months and now I’ve got a return ticket.

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