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Not all days are green days – where your days are giving output like 100%. Amid studies, then job and the millions of youtube channels, and of course Netflix – it gets difficult to keep up with your coding journey (excluding the job work). You start doing a project and then stop in a week and then again start after 2 weeks… and sometimes after a month, and then we start questioning ourselves, criticizing, and start sinking deep down.

I want to tell you…

It’s alright!

From the outside it feels like, only you are not doing enough and the rest are like, geeks and nerds typing at the speed of light, solving and tossing the best products in the market. Yeah! it’s true. But not for absolutely everyone. Everyone struggles with almost the same surroundings and reasons to keep you off goals unless you are a psychopath and antisocial. But yes, people find the way out. They solve it to pave their path towards something, a tangible result. You can’t feel bad if you keep on repeating the same half- cooked cycle.

Remember, it is simple. It’s like a ritual. Our mom does prepare food without fail, as a ritual. It takes hours for her. A painter does paint, puts his/her creativity like crazy. Similar should be like us, the developers. It is our ritual. I know, not the best examples, but I hope you get what I’m trying to convey.

It should be like a ritual, keep it continuous. The pace doesn’t matter until you keep it going. Discipline is a must. First, if it is acquired, work on the pace and the commitment (delivery). Discipline doesn’t mean do it every day without fail, It means being sensible and intelligently aware of it. Figure out a plan, draft, distribute the work and then work on it.

It is fine, if you feel like “you are not good enough”, not everyone could have absolutely every knowledge. Tech is crazily vast. Take a warrior, for example, He can’t be adept in all of the weapons. He has to choose his sword and skill, the same goes for us. Don’t rush into multiple techs. Choose depth over width. If you still feel, you are not good enough, remember hard work outweighs talent.

One more thing, Github is good, Jira is good, the to-do list is fine but nothing can replace pen and journal. Keep a light track of your daily workings. This kind of handwritten stuff gives a different kind of vision and satisfaction altogether.

You know what does a Doctor says when we miss out on our meds? Take it as soon as you remember. Follow that. It’s never too late. Accept the flaws, realize them, but don’t settle. work!!

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