I’ll pay you to watch videos – Hacker Noon

“How much is Apple/Microsoft/Google paying you to post this?”

As a journalist I’ve heard this over and over. The feeling that media is bought and paid for is very pernicious, very aggravating, and very frustrating. And, unless something is marked “Sponsored” online, it is wildly difficult to tell if someone has paid for your eyeballs.

So how do we separate paid content from real content? And how do we reward users for viewing our paid-for message?

One way is to pay content producers via micropayments or cryptocurrency. That hasn’t worked very well. Steemit and Civil, two solutions that weren’t made by actual journalists, are currently plummeting into the decentralized toilet.

So we decided to build HypeHop. It’s a tool that lets marketers pay for your time. Instead of being tricked into watching some garbage YouTube video so you can see an advertisement that you never wanted to watch, marketers (and average folks) must create compelling content and pay you to watch it. It flips the idea of advertising on its head, ensuring that everyone — the marketer, the content creator, and the user — all get what they want.

Further, we’ve also added a fascinating feature: the ability for the system to watch you as you watch the video. Because we need to ensure you’re watching these videos to collect your cash we’ve created a component that watches your face (and assesses your emotions) as you watch the video. Want to test to see if people will like your commercial? Try HypeHop. Want to understand how people react to a certain piece of visual data? Try HypeHop. Want to target investors with your startup pitch? Try HypeHop.

The system pays out in BTC and accepts BTC to post videos. This is because there is no sane way to accept micropayments in USD or any other fiat currency.

HypeHop is an experiment. I understand there are ways to game this system and we’re working on securing it further. We also understand crypto folks don’t like surveillance. That’s fine, we encourage them to avoid this service. The world is rapidly changing and our privacy is being stolen from us on a daily basis. At least, in this case, we pay your for it.

So please give it a try. I’d love to hear what you think so email [email protected] if you have any comments or questions.

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