In-House Software Development Team V/S Outsourced Software Development Team — Challenges &…

Challenges during in-house software development

  • A huge amount of investment

Cost is the main issue which any company has to deal with if it plans to go for in-house development.

For in-house software development, you do not need to recruit a full team of developers you even have to put in place a proper infrastructure to execute the entire process.

Money is also required for imparting proper training to the employees. It is akin to expansion in work and any kind of expansion calls for input of resources.

So, basically significant investment is a prerequisite for in-house app development.

  • Recruitment Process is quite tough

Even if you have the money; hiring the right people and setting all other things is not easy. This process consumes a lot of time as well effort.

Every company is on lookout for the best in the industry, so getting in touch with the right people isn’t a child’s play.

  • The dearth of skilled people

Even though the market is flooded with developers, finding the right one is a big task. There is a serious paucity of professionals with the right skills.

At times, if you find the right person, he might be charging too high. So, basically finding a skilled person in your budget is what actually holds relevance.

  • Dependency

Once, you hire an in-house developer, your whole work becomes dependent on him. If the developer goes on a leave or is fraught with some issues the entire project will suffer because of him.

This turns out to be a grave concern for the company as it also prolongs actual project completion time.

  • Varying areas of Domain Expertise

There are so many different aspects of app development. So, basically, you will need a domain expert to handle the different range of issues.

For instance, the task of an app developer is just the development of the app, nevertheless, there is a need for a competent designer who can carry out the task of designing the app.

In the same way, if you are getting the site made in PHP, there is a need for Flash for a particular webpage. This need for several domain experts infringes spontaneity and even enhances problems in the course of efficient project development.

  • Tools and Technologies

Even though there are quite a number of development tools which are available free of cost and do not necessitate any kind of permission for distribution, there are several other technologies that call for permission for purpose of distribution.

Thus, getting apt tools as well as technologies for development is a huge faltering block when you opt for in-house software development.

  • Maintenance of Workforce

There are many huge corporations for whom setting an in-house software development team is a minor thing. But, for them, the problem shows face when the project is completed or when the requirement ceases.

These companies find it hard to maintain the required infrastructure as well as resources later on. This maintenance expenditure is actually uncalled for the burden on the shoulders of these big companies.

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