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June 14th 2020

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Once you get going it’s easy to keep going. But getting started is another challenge. Taking that first step can seem insurmountable, especially now because we’re in the midst of a serious pandemic. Lots of people were thrown off their momentum by the pandemic, and it’s going to take a lot of effort to get going again.

But your momentum can be hacked to get you back on track easily.

When you are facing a new challenge it’s best to break it up into smaller chunks and to start tackling those smaller chunks. It’s easier to take small steps, and once you take that first small step it can help jump start your momentum. Once your momentum builds, taking another small step and then another becomes more of a habit than something you have to psych yourself up to do.

Life actually gets easier once you stop procrastinating and start getting things done.

88% of workers spend at least an hour a day procrastinating, and it would actually be better and more rewarding for them if they could just get started instead of worrying about starting.

If you experience a setback, acknowledge what went wrong and figure out how you could do better next time. An honest analysis of problems gives you more ability to figure things out later in life. Reset your outlook and figure out how to get started again.

In the current pandemic situation, it can seem impossible to get started again. But it’s actually the perfect opportunity to learn new things. There are even free courses to help you hone skills, which can help you become an even better version of yourself after the pandemic is over. A temporary setback doesn’t have to completely derail you.

Learn more about jump starting your momentum and getting yourself back on track from the infographic below:


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