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June 19th 2020

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In the present scenario, the robots are remote controlled largely with intelligence onboard. The point of infection is where deep learning and artificial intelligence will be helping robots in future in assessing situations and making decisions on the spot so as to respond without any intervention of human. This article will discuss on the how the charge in the battle will be led by intelligent robots and cyborg warriors. 

Assistance in wars: In future, the main weapons in the wars will be the technology. The charge will be lead by the intelligent robots. The deployment of robotics will be advantageous to the army in number of ways. One of the most significant advantages is the reduction in human casualties. Also, clearing of mine fields can be done as well as deactivation of unexploded bombs can also be done with much more clarity. In addition to this, tedious tasks such as border patrol will also be made easier with robotics. 

Autonomous combat: The robots are equipped with large range of systems including navigation sensors, GPS, and software for collision detector. With such advancement in the technology, the robots will be able to autonomously engage in the combat. 

Future of robotics: It is not necessary that a robot will look like a humanoid in future. Rather, it will depend on the requirements of the work. The robots will vary in sizes and shapes. Tank treads might be there for tacking terrains which are difficult. Likewise, flying robots might be available which has appearance similar to airplanes. It could also come in the form of bulldozers or trucks. In addition to this, there will be no need for the retirement as well as health benefits.

Criticism: According to some of veterans, battles are won by mind in the field. In regard to this, the critical emotions of humans are not present in the robots such as fear. Also, questions on building camaraderie and trust between robo-soldier and platoon soldier are also present. Such questions have relevance as it decides whether the commander will lead robots or platoons at the battlefield. 

Cyborg warriors: US army is experimenting and exploring the idea of fusion of human machine with the creation of high-tech cyborg warriors. This can be done with the direct neural enhancement which can be done by the use of wearable devices or chip implants. This is being done in order to enhance the muscular strength and senses of soldier. 

Final note

Robotics is advanced artificial intelligence which can be used in the battle field to reduce the burden on soldiers. It can make tedious tasks easy for the army and reduce human damage. On the other hand, it lacks emotion which is significant for winning battles in war. Students can seek help from The Assignment Help Australia as it provides a perfect blend of reasonability and quality in writing assignments and assisting students to earn good grades.

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Rana Rajput loves to read and write topics related to life inspiration social marketing.


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