Internet Culture Roundup #1: Top Five Trending Everipedia Pages of the Week

Everipedia is the encyclopedia for up and coming topics in culture. Here, we will examine the most unique wikis that would otherwise have been missed by traditional gatekeepers including an every-man historian, a beloved widow, a controversial meme-worthy Twitter account, an up-and-coming DJ, and a respected Beltway journalist.

Anthony Taylor Michalisko

Anthony Taylor Michalisko

Anthony Taylor Michalisko is a cable lineman from Indiana who has taken it upon himself to document the tweets of President Donald Trump. He has been doing it since the 2016 election and his motivation is so his books could be used as a source of historical analysis by future scholars. So far, he has published two books President Trump’s Tweets 2016: General Election Edition and President Trump’s Tweets 2017: A Historical Archive of President Trump’s Tweets (which both have Everipedia pages).

Audrey Geisel

Audrey Geisel

Audrey Geisel, the widow of beloved children’s author Dr. Suess, passed away last week in her home in San Diego. After her husband’s death in 1991, Geisel became in charge of his estate and overseeing his legacy. She established Seuss enterprises and oversaw many endeavors including the production of Dr. Seuss’ work into major motion pictures including “The Lorax”, “The Cat in the Hat”, “Horton Hears a Who!”, and “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.” Despite her hard work and charitable efforts, Geisel’s name on Wikipedia only redirects to her husband’s page.

Screenshot of SheRateDogs


Every once and a while, a social media handle is created that immediatley captures the attention of the online world. Created by Michaela Okland, SheRateDogs is a Twitter and Instagram account that shares cringeworthy screenshots of ex-male lovers trying to rekindle the flame with their former female partners. The accounts exploded in popularity, particularly the Twitter which amassed over 50k followers in less in a week and has been featured in media outlets like the Daily Mail and Mashable.

CARBIN performing live


McKenzie Morrow, better known as CARBIN, is a dubstep DJ and producer who has had a huge 2018. His song with AFKBoss” has over a million and a half streams on SoundCloud and he was recognized by Excision in his Artist Spotlight of the Week series. After a number of shows and major record label releases, CARBIN is set to build on his success in 2019.

Michael Tracey pictured on Twitter

Michael Tracey

Washington D.C.-based freelance journalist Michael Tracey has written in a number of prominent publications including The Intercept, The Daily Beast, The American Conservative, The Guardian, and others. He previously was an investigative journalist for The Young Turks and was a columnist for VICE where he covered American elections, civil liberties in the United States, political corruption, and foreign policy. Currently, with over 80,000 followers on Twitter, many people are curious about what Tracey is going to report next.

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