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June 8th 2020

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Interviews with ML Heroes: Kagglers, Researchers, and Practitioners.

CTDS.Show is a podcast where Sanyam Bhutani interviews his ML Heroes about their journey.

These are the shownotes from Episode #72, where Sanyam Bhutani interviews one of the core developers at Scikit-Learn and Institute at Columbia University:  @Andreas Mueller (Twitter | Website)


Show Notes

Personal Note: It was really a privilege to talk to Andreas on the show, thanks to

 @Abhishek Thakur  for helping make this happen.

This episode is all about open source and machine learning,

  • They talk about how Andreas’ views on open source and machine learning
  • How Andreas’ views on Scikit-Learn itself has evolved over the years how his approach to creating open source API’s, his understanding of open source has evolved over the years that he’s been active in the open source community.
  • There’s a lot of discussion around scikit learn and learning through materials and Andreas’ take on the recent developments in deep learning.
  • They also discuss Andreas’ move back to Industry, he’ll be joining Microsoft and this interview talks about what’s next for him as well.

Timestamps to conversation:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:57 how is your contribution changed and evolved over the years?
  • 04:34 Do you miss working more on the development side?
  • 05:39 Dabble
  • 10:22 AutoML
  • 15:06 API Designs
  • 20:48 Shift in Classical Algos to DNNs
  • 26:37 Mission of creating open source tools
  • 30:57 Biggest Controversy in the Scikit-learn community
  • 33:09 When will version 1.0 come out?
  • 39:03 Industry VS Academia
  • 43:41 Andreas’ upcoming move to Microsoft
  • 45:11 MOOC taught by Andreas
  • 47:55 Diversity and Biases in Open Source
  • 54:03 Favourite game of all time

Stay Tuned for the blog version of this interview, that will released exclusively on Hackernoon

You can find CTDS on

Twitter: @ctdsshow


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