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1. Please tell us about yourself and your role at Gather Network.

Hello, my name is Reggie Raghav Jerath and I’m the CEO & Founder of Gather Network. I started my career in Oil and Gas managing a couple bases in and out of Iraq, and managed about 200 or so people. I was there for about two years or so, ISIS invaded around the end of the two years. Post evacuating the staff, I decided I wanted to shift industries. – I ended up working in advertising for a bit – with different agencies – the first being MSLgroup ( Where I met our Marketing Advisor Naren ). After this I had my first exposure to entrepreneurship. It was a startup similar to what Deliveroo is – provides the technology and riders, making deliveries for banks, supermarkets etc.

2. What is Gather Network and its main features?

Gather is a platform that allows publishers to monetize without ads, and provides businesses & developers access to cheap and reliable processing power.

Gather offers various solutions to the following problems:

  • No one likes ads. The majority of websites and mobile apps do not make a reliable source of income with ads alone.
  • Cloud Computing is expensive, the cost of computing is increasing exponentially.
  • Building a mining community is not an easy task for blockchain developers.

Gather Network has 3 different brands.

Gather Online: scalable and predictable revenue. We allow web and mobile developers to monetize from the end-user processing power.

Gather Enterprise: Reliable Consultancy Services. We provide consultancy services and proprietary tooling for web developers, businesses, and crypto networks.

Gather Cloud: Affordable Processing Power. We keep the cost of processing power economical for enterprises while providing developers the benefits of Proof Of Work grade security without the effort of sourcing miners.

3. What makes Gather Network unique in comparison to other blockchain applications in the digital monetization space?

Gather’s unique selling point is that it is a consent-based tool compared to existing digital advertising solutions, which is also very easy to implement to websites and applications to generate alternate revenue for them while utilizing their users’ idle compute resources.

On the business side, this computing power is also used to provide enterprises with a significantly lower cost for complex computing operations which is never done by any competition and therefore defines Gather’s competitive edge. Based on their prototype testing period, we have found out that it is 1.4 times more profitable than current advertising rates.

4. What role do you see Gather Network playing in the greater e-commerce and online publishing world?

Gather started out with a mission to change how websites make money. We aim to create a platform where websites are rewarded fairly and transparently, and where consumer privacy data is protected.

Publishers are rewarded for the maximum revenue generation in Gather’s business model, most of the revenues coming from cloud business will be flowing back to publishers as well as rewards for securing networks – creating a positive feedback loop.

The longer the session lengths are, the higher the revenue they would generate (as opposed to the number of ads displayed). This is where we differentiate from the traditional digital advertising model.

Gather’s integration to websites will also enable first-time crypto users to gain general knowledge of cryptocurrencies, accelerating mass adoption.

Adoption will increase with more publishers signing up for Gather’s innovative solution of content monetization, as apparently today’s digital ad industry is dysfunctional and people are craving for a better user experience without having to give up their privacy. This became even more important with the pandemic, transforming our lives into digital experiences. Gather presents a use case that will bring real adoption in this current zeitgeist.

5. What are some of the milestones that you’ve hit in the first half of this year?

Gather Mercury Release (Gather’s Own Blockchain’s 1st Mainnet Release) went live on April 30th.

Gather Online, the primary functionality became accessible, allowing publishers to integrate Gather to their websites to generate revenue. As the first batch, a small set of publishers integrated Gather Online’s consent banner, like Colibri Group with their main sites: Coindar, Synopsis2021 & Listedon + Ise.Media,, Trading Dojo

We have also started our first incubation project with Paidtogo App. Paidtogo will have its own utility token on Gather’s blockchain. Qualified $GTH holders will be given access to participate in the Paidtogo Private Sale and Airdrop.

6. Following several months of strong partnerships and product rollouts, your first incubation project Paidtogo took off. Can you tell us more about Gather’s incubation strategy?

Our first incubee Paidtogo’s seed round is still ongoing, although substantial amounts have already been committed by VCs.

We’re looking forward to having more, as the more projects use the Gather chain, the higher the demand for $GTH will be. We’re talking with 4 more projects for incubation, to have their tokens integrated with Gather chain:

An affiliate marketing business for offline retailers which is already operational is looking to add cryptocurrency cashback component to their existing cashback flow

$100M+ revenue DTC cannabis retailer delivering for top Cannabis brands within an hour or less throughout the western US, is looking for a blockchain-oriented cash flow system and supply chain.

A Social impact project targeting to educate 1.6 Billion youth about philanthropy and sustainable financial literacy by way of a gamified learn and earn platform, is looking to create a staking/utility token to fuel their ecosystem.

The world’s first IoT based analytics platform with an underlying social responsibility to provide a physically and emotionally safe space where young people can access quality after-school programmes, strong role models, and a range of services, opportunities and support – is looking to utilize Gather Online for free wifi hubs they provide & Gather Cloud to power the apps built for kids while creating a utility token for this closed ecosystem.

These projects will either have GRC20 utility tokens on Gather network or their own blockchains (Gather child chains) using ‘merged mining’.

7. What major developments do you have underway through the end of 2021?

We’ve scheduled an NFT Airdrop for Masternode holders. This airdrop will take place in a few weeks. This will create a secondary market where people can buy and sell NFTs, instead of buying and selling their tokens for masternodes.

Gather Minerva release (target Q3):

Minerva release aims to bring GTH holders to the native chain.

Working with partners for building a bridge solution that will not only cover ERC20 to Gather native but also other chain connections, as well as a solution that can be used by child chain tokens.

Staking and Masternode contracts will be created to move staking & masternode rewards to the native chain (masternodes or staking will not use or require node installation).

Masternodes will not need to run dedicated servers until the public cloud solution is active in Q4 (ie. Masternode NFT holders will receive distributed block rewards instead of fixed 50% APY manual reward distribution).

Creation of utility tokens (GRC20) on Gather network using layer 1 will be possible after this release.

Gather Cloud:

The first set of enterprise-ready services will be launched for private cloud in Q3’2021.

Product & Tech development journey will be accompanied by topmost Global Technology Research Advisory firms by engaging on critical facets of product launch strategy, customer acquisition, and business performance management throughout the business life cycle.

The public cloud side, where the masternodes will take an active role in providing computing, will go live in Q4.

Gather Online:

New Programs for Publishers: Loyalty and referral programs will be live in time.

Application integrations will also be possible in addition to websites by Q4.

Merged mining will be activated in Q4 (mining child chains that reside on the Gather blockchain).


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