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FBSQL – Frontend Backend SQL Work (secure) with your backend database within HTML

Work (secure) with your backend database within HTML

What is FBSQL?

FBSQL is a server that transparently yet secure connects your frontend to the remote databases.

Is it really two-tier architecture?

Well, yes and no. Look at the FBSQL as two-tier architecture with third tier under the hood.

Which databases are supported?

FBSQL supports any JDBC compliant databases like SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2 etc. All you need is JDBC driver for your database.

What about security?

FBSQL security is based on the principle of least privilege (POLP). By default, FBSQL does not accept incoming connections. It also rejects all SQL statements that were not declared explicitly. Pre-execution triggers can be used to verify and modify input parameters before execution or completely reject execution by custom conditions. Users must implement their own authentication and authorization mechanism.

What about performance?

FBSQL was designed with performance in mind and supports out of the box connection pooling, results prefetching, ETag-optimized communication and response compression.

FBSQL is open source project under the MIT License.

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FBSQL – Frontend Backend SQL Work (secure) with your backend database within HTML


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