Introducing PMLesson, Dynamic Product Management Interview Prep

Take your product management interview preparation to the next level with PMLesson.

Product management is an incredible career opportunity. There are few careers that allow employees to dabble in so many different fields. At Google, I worked with teams in marketing, engineering, design, data analysis, PR, user research, legal, business, quality assurance, and so many more.

The opportunity to lead teams, collaborate with many different areas of expertise, and create amazing products. What’s not to love?

But, there’s a catch.

Product management interviewing is really hard. In fact, most companies like Google and Facebook have under a 1% acceptance rate. When applying, I put in several hours a week preparing for my product management interviews, but at many times, I felt lost, frustrated, and confused.

Introducing PMLesson

Today, we’re excited to announce PMLesson, an interactive and dynamic online course for product management interview preparation.

We created PMLesson because we believe preparing for product management interviews shouldn’t be so challenging. We’ve created a coaching curriculum that we truly believe can enable everyone to ace their PM interviews and get their dream job.

Screenshots of PMLesson’s online course.

The PMLesson basic course includes the core components needed to ace your PM interview. There are some fantastic PM prep books out there, but nothing beats actual practice, which is why our course includes over 25 individual lessons and dynamic questions to quiz you on product management interviewing.

The Course

Importantly, the course still includes important human elements. The course includes:

  • 25 product management lessons, including dynamic interview questions
  • Handy guides, like our Estimation Fact Sheet and Interview Structure Model
  • Comprehensive resume review
  • Access to our Slack Channel community
  • Direct 1:1 access to me, for questions, feedback, and mentorship
  • Early and exclusive access to free PM lessons and blog posts

Get It Now, 60% Off

A basic version of the course is completely free to the public and can be found at For our launch, we’re running a special 60% discount for the first 50 subscribers. You can access the discount by clicking the special link below:

Special Link: Get 60% off PMLesson’s Online Course, first 50 subscribers!

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