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Meet a free app that will free you of paper receipts collecting routine.

Business expense tracking has become a good practice for companies regardless of their size or number of employees. You can easily find applications allowing you to track mileage, travel expenditures, categorize expenses and report them with attached receipts in a matter of mere seconds. 

However, it’s only fair to say that business expense tracking apps dominating the market have so many features in common, that it is difficult to understand which one fits your business better. At first sight it might appear that they are all very similar. However, that’s not true. 

Today let’s take a closer look at a brand new business expense tracking application that’s called Expense Sensei, and what distinctive features it offers for the teams that work in IT. 

The Purpose Behind Expense Sensei

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of multiple expense tracking applications is “why do we need another one when there are already so many”? 

Expensify, Rydoo and Zoho rank high in the long list of business expense tracking. However, do IT teams need the full functionality of Zoho Expense, or do they travel so much that they need to submit traveling expenses? Not really. 

One of the most important things about people working in IT sphere is that we do spend money on hardware and software, extra courses, and sometimes our companies reimburse our expenses. But usually, the expense reports are done manually (like, we know there’s an outsource accountant to whom we have to send expense reports, and we do it via e-mail or using messengers). 

However, this means that there’s no way to track business expenses, as well as there’s no option to see the most popular spending categories and tell if your team members really need the reimbursements you’re ready to provide — at this particular moment. Thus, you can’t plan how much your team is going to spend next month or year.

Another problem is that everything that’s called “manual” is probably going to go wrong at some point. The mistakes are inevitable. 

That’s why our team at Postindustria was looking for a way to provide an easy tool for everyone to collect and report expenses to our accountant. We’ve developed it for our own use because none of the top-tier applications offered the functionality we needed at a reasonable price. 

And, since the application was already created, we’ve been using it for some time, and, surely, our accountant was really excited because all the reports were now coming in one neat form, easy to check, approve and reimburse. 

What we haven’t expected was that since it has become so much easier to submit expense reports, our team members became more comfortable at using tuition reimburses, which showed at the overall growing skill of the team. 

After a year of using Expense Sensei, we’ve finally decided to share our application with the rest of the world, and in April, 2021 we’ve launched its web version that’s now available for everyone to explore. 

So, what’s so special about this particular app?

It’s 100% people-centric

No matter how hard you try to force a tool for expense tracking on your team, it will be useless in the end if no one uses it (or uses it on very rare occasions, which is pretty much the same thing). 

That’s why, thinking of our own team, we tried our best to make Expense Sensei super-duper easy to submit expense reports for everyone. Like, even a toddler would understand how to use it. It’s that simple. 

To add an expense one has to take a photo of a receipt, then attach it to an expense report (which, btw, might contain several expenses).

And then, after a quick check and filling out the required fields such as expense category, title and sum, you just sent it over. And the job is done. 

You’ll also get a notification if an accountant who checks your expense reports has approved it, and also see when its status is set to “reimbursed”. 

In other words, there are no complicated interfaces, extra charts, incomprehensible fields you don’t know how to fill. Everything is tuned the way it should be, and our team really enjoys using Expense Sensei, compared to other app alternatives we tried to implement before. 

We’re also pretty convinced that other IT teams will enjoy Expense Sensei as much as we do — and, it case you’ll see that anything is out of place or there’s a lacking option somewhere, just make sure to chat with us, and we’ll probably add it to our backlog. 

It doesn’t cost a fortune

No one wants to pay for something they don’t know. And no one wants to pay money for something that helps you track money and should actually help save them. We’re on the same page here, no worries. 

That is the main reason why we’re making Expense Sensei application free for the teams with less than 15 active members — because forcing small startups to pay money for expense tracking is just not right on every level, no matter how you see this or voice this. 

Now, speaking of the expense tracking for larger teams, we offer Expense Sensei for $4.50 /mo. for one active user, and this is the lowest price on the market (we’ve thoroughly checked it out). 

And, if you’re going to stick with us for a year, we offer a yearly plan for $99 for an unlimited number of users, which is unprecedented among our competitors who charge for every active user. 

The main reason behind this decision is that we ourselves are an IT startup, and some time ago we just couldn’t find alternatives of such an app on the market at a reasonable price. That’s why we’ve created Expense Sensei — and that is precisely why we want it to be affordable. 

Its functionality will never stop growing

Obviously, Expense Sensei is an app that we ourselves use and are satisfied with. However, in the future we want to extend it with even more features, like OCR (a really reliable one, that will let our team automatically fill in all the fields after the characters in the receipt are recognized). 

We’re also always open to suggestions and ideas, especially coming from our fellow IT crowd — so, most likely, there’s a long way before us, and we’re going to eventually let Expense Sensei grow to become the top 1 application for business expense tracking and reimbursements in IT sphere. 

Final thoughts

Expense Sensei is an application that is created by an IT startup to help other startups with business expense tracking. It’s made with the first thought of people who have to submit expense reports for educational courses, software and hardware — for those who look for a way to implement expense tracking yet fear that it would be too complicated to do. 

Make sure to check Expense Sensei application and feel free to create a free account and test it out! 


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