IpfsCloud Vision: Changing how the Internet works. – Hacker Noon

IpfsCloud helps users and developers to shift to this model.

How it helps users to manage their data?

decentralized network using IPFS

Users of the new model can participate in the decentralized economy. Here users can rent out their storage and computation power to other users. Eventually, this will lead to a sustainable economy which can support the network organically.

How it helps developers?

the new model drastically reduces the infrastructure costs

As all of the data is managed by the decentralized user network, the cost for application development and scaling the drastically reduced.

IpfsCloud provides the infrastructure, and the developer tools to the developers, so that they can focus on building applications, rather that figuring out the internal working of the decentralized platforms.

Easily shift between service providers: Starting a more competitive ecosystem

easily shift between different service providers

The new model gives the power to the user to shift between the service providers easily.

This starts a new ecosystem where applications can’t capture a user in its ecosystem(**cough damn Google **cough), which is one of the greatest headaches for the users today.

Milestones Achieved

1. Live working ALPHA including:

(demos: Youtube)

  • IpfsCloud: Google Drive on Ipfs(Live)
  • IpfsHost: Hosting Websites on Ipfs(Live)
  • IpfsDocs: Google Docs on Ipfs(Live)
  • SafeSearch: Search engine on Ipfs(APIs Live)
  • IpfsTube: Youtube on Ipfs(Not Live)
  • IpfsCollab: Sharing and simultaneous collaboration of 3d Model(Not Live)

We are providing open APIs so that it can be used for any related applications, eventually accelerating user acceptance as more apps are built on top of the platform.

  • 5000 unique users in 3 weeks.
  • Listed project in the official list of awesome IPFS projects(awesome-ipfs)
  • 150+ pre-registrations for Android app(alpha).

What are the Challenges?

  1. Lack of Awareness among users: Users today, are trapped inside the comfortable and seamless ecosystem that Giants like Google, Facebook etc. have created. Users need to be made aware more about this.
  2. General Acceptance: Like the internet took time to become what it is today, decentralization too, has a long way to go. But today we are connected to each other more than ever. Thus, if we have a better platform, we can accelerate its acceptance.

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