Eight Reasons I Think the BAT Cryptocurrency is About to Soar

Yes, it looks like the BAT-Train will soon leave the station.

There are 8 reasons for that.

1. Overall, Brave is now at 30 million downloads on Android and with iOS and Desktop and we are at least at 60–80 million downloads. This is up 50% from March when they were at 20 million downloads on Android and 100% up from January, when they were at 15M downloads on Android and a total of 5.5 million monthly active users.

2. BAT is the cryptocurrency with the most real-world traction of an estimated 7 million monthly active users(!) for their Brave Browser, very impressive.

3. Their founder was the man who invented Firefox and Javascript. Need any more credibility?

4. Brave users can earn money by just seeing ads from 300,000 publishers including Wikipedia, Hamster, Vimeo, TheGuardian, Vice, Washington Post and 200,000 Youtube Publishers including more than 100 with more than 1 million subscribers.

5. The big thing about this is that users can earn $70 and possibly earn $320 per year, simply by browsing and seeing ads.

6. In August BAT did 2 million downloads just on Android. This is absolutely insane: SOMETHING HUGE IS HAPPENING!!! 1 Million Downloads in 13 days on Android + 9 Points Just In Usage Ranking! Surpassed UC Browser On Both Usage Rank & Store Rank.

7. BAT was the only token listed on Binance.US last week besides 0x and BNB. That is a lot of legitimacy.

8. As for the business side, we can see even stronger growth. BAT has grown their publishers and BAT holders by 5x over the last 6 months and 15x throughout the last year. (that’s actually 20x now.)


The market can only hold powerful fundamentals back for so long.

Now, the market has become just a little bit favorable and BAT directly breaks out. It will be interesting to see what happens with BAT once the alt season comes at the coins at full force.

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