Kambria: The next revolution in Robotics has arrived

When I was a child, I used to love watching movies about Robots. Some of them were good, some of them had gray shades. But all of them carried a similar message. The next stage of evolution for Human will be in the field of AI & Robotics and the impact Robotics will bring to your life will be immense.

That time I thought, After 20–25 years when I will be a grown-up, Robots will be a part of everyone life, like what we have seen in those movies. Now I am in my mid thirties. That dream is still halfway only.

So what went wrong?

There are 100’s of reason but we can round-off it into majorly 3 points.

  • Heavy investments lead to highly expensive products which reduce mass affordability.
  • Technology is too complex to develop. You need more money and brains to pool in which create a deterrent for entrance for new players.
  • Since most of the R&D is proprietary in nature, sharing rarely happens which delays the progress.

Because of all these above reasons, application of Robots is still confined to niche segments majorly in Industrial applications.

Irrespective of all these setbacks there were some who took efforts to make that dream of “ Robot in each home “ a reality. Ohmni labs were one of them. They introduced “ Ohmni “ a home robot for connecting families via video “telepresence.”

Have a look

Does Ohmni sound interesting? You can read more about the project or order here to own one.

So What is Kambria?

To realize the dream of “ Robot in each home “, Ohmni has laid the foundation by introducing an ambitious blockchain Project termed Kambria.

As per the Whitepaper, Kambria ( named after the Cambrian Explosion ) can be summarized as

“Kambria is the first blockchain project to build open innovation platform that enables and incentivizes collaborations in R&D, manufacturing, and commercializing advanced technology with a focus on AI & Robotics applications in the consumer space”

In simple terms, Kambria will be building an open source block-chain platform where both developers and manufacturers and can benefit mutually by collaborating with each other. All the contribution will be incentivized via KAT tokens. Over the time due to the continuous knowledge sharing happening to the platform, it will be a one-stop-shop for robotics with a collection of thousands of repositories in any robotics field.

With the help of this platform

Developers can enjoy and receive compensation for their contribution

Companies won’t be needed to invest in heavy R&D as they can take advantage of the knowledge pool. New Startups will be immensely benefited as it removes the high-cost entry barriers.

End users will be able to have their own Robot “ low of cost”

To further understand let us have a look at Kambria Ecosystem from a layman’s view

As you can see the heart and the brain of the eco-system is the “code base” which is written in the modular language, where all the required tools to build a robot are pooled in. Developers can work on a specific component and submit it back to the code base and will be rewarded in Tokens.

If a developer wants to get the parts made, they can use the service of Kambria manufacturing alliance and get the job done from any part of the world. Once the part is delivered, the manufacturer will be paid in Tokens as well.

Another component of the ecosystem is the Kambria innovation marketplace. Here there will be open competitions and challenges. Whoever offers the best solution will be rewarded back with the handful of tokens. This will accelerate the robotics development as the solutions get mapped back to the platform. So any company who wants to start a robotics revolution just have to visit the platform and utilize the knowledge stored in it rather than to start from the scratch.

So far Team is in line with the delivery of Roadmap. Currently expecting the platform to be launched by Q4–2018.

Kambria is lead by Founder and CEO Dr.Thuc Vu. The team is well balanced with rich experience from the field of robotics.

Kambria is also well supported by Advisers with rich experience from blockchain world which includes leaders from Tomochain, HASHED, Kyber network etc

Kambria(KAT) is the native tokens for Kambria ecosystem. Currently an ERC20 based utility token, it will be used to fuel Kambria’s marketplace. Not only that KAT will be used for various other purposes like the reward for bounties, Governance (Voting), payment for licensing etc. Looking at the future of Project, there is a high chance that Kambria will be launching its own mainnet as well.

Kambria is well supported not only from the industry front but also from the top names in the academical world like Stanford University, Nanyang Technological University, Carnegie Mellon University etc

Very limited details of Token metrics have been published so far. The details currently available are

Fundraising Goal: 19 Million USD

Total Tokens to be issued: 5,000,000,000

Type: ERC-20 based

Kambria is not without competitions. There are already projects like Project PAI, Singularitynet etc working in the similar field. But none of them are in Robotics and none of them are working towards building a platform, which will be a “one stop shop” in future for sure which gives Kambria an advantage over the others.

If you wish to know more about this Project you can be in touch with the following social channels

Website: https://kambria.io/

Whitepaper: https://kambria.io/Kambria_White_Paper_v2.pdf

Telegram (ENG): https://t.me/kambriaofficial

Telegram (KOR): https://t.me/KambriaKorea

Telegram (VIE): https://t.me/KambriaVietnam

Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/kambria

Kakao Talk: https://open.kakao.com/o/gcUpSEQ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KambriaNetwork

Facebook: https://facebook.com/KambriaNetwork

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/KambriaOfficial/

Email: [email protected]

Full Disclaimer: This article is not to be taken as Financial advice. Before Investing DYOR. “This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x”.

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