Leaked from Consensus 2019: Speculation that Ebay will soon support Cryptocurrencies

There has always been a fight in convincing mainstream giants to accept cryptocurrencies and openly support blockchain. This fight is seemingly turning towards a victory for the blockchain world. In a recent article I published a list of enterprises partnering up with blockchain in 2019 with almost 1,000 companies in the list. Check out to see if your favourite companies are there!

But now, through some photos shared from Consensus 2019 in New York, it seems like Ebay is seeking partnerships within the blockchain industry, specifically mentioning their wide ‘customer base of 179 million buyers’ & ‘digital collectibles’ in paid ads throughout the event.

Source: @ImNotTheWolf — https://twitter.com/mappopk_crypto/status/1127835349256769537

Ebay is one of the sponsors for Consensus 2019 joining other companies such as: Tata, Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, Australian Federal Government, Citi, AWS, and Accenture. This shows clear support for the blockchain industry as a whole by many of the commercial giants making up a trillion dollar conglomerate.

Paypal has taken a slightly different approach stating that they are not interested in cryptocurrencies as much as they are in the blockchain technology.

These rumours, although unconfirmed, do fit with the general sentiment this year, with other companies and governments being very proactive in supporting and partnering with blockchain.

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