Learning how to Code using Pair Programming at Microverse

It helps a lot when another pair of eyes is auditing your work in real-time

By now, virtually every software developer has heard of / known about Pair-Programming. Twelve months ago, I did not know what it meant. Of course I knew all about how git can be used to save versions of your code but I did not think about how more than one person can work on the same code base.

I have spent months learning from open source platforms and tutorials, but I found that sometimes I lose the motivation to continue with the material after a couple of weeks. However, after a couple of months, I got an email. Enters Microverse….

Microverse is an online Software Development School that accepts students from all over the world and teaches them how to code, and how to work as part of a distributed network of developers. You will not pay until you get a job.

You have to collaborate

Pair Programming is one of the tenets of the program, you are paired with another student and the two of you do everything together (sort of like a buddy system). You code together, debug together and deploy together (as they say in the service, you do not leave your partner behind).

I have to get up everyday and be driven because I know that my partner needs me.

Two heads are better than one

Apart from being more fun to write code with a partner, I find out that I am making fewer mistakes compared to before I joined the program. Also, I learn and understand new concepts faster, and when mistakes are made, it is easy to spot and correct them.

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